Meet The Entrepreneur Whose Bringing Entertainment Back to Television

Meet The Entrepreneur Whose Bringing Entertainment Back to Television

Christine Curran has made a name for herself as a powerful entertainer and entrepreneur over the past ten years. Christine’s company, Ft Liquordale Entertainment, is the parent company to her current project “Dining Divas TV”.  Dining Divas is a lifestyle show that features the hottest places to dine and drink in South Florida. The Divas have cocktails at the bar, cook with the chef and dine with a celebrity or influencer. Think “Housewives Meets Drive in, Diners and Dives”.   

She has a long list of titles under her belt such as, hosting for Playboy TV, hosting for Florida Cycling News, International Print ads for Sex Drive Energy Drink, Statewide print ads for Harley Davidson in Bikes and Beauties Magazine, Regional commercial for Broward Bar Hunter on Spike TV, 2009-10 contracted lingerie model for LaDiDa Lingerie featured on billboards and the seasonal catalog. She was also a ring girl for Don King’s Sizzling Summer Match, cover girl for the LA Xpress in California, Catalog model for Yasida Gifts resort wear 3 years in a row, actress in the movie “Beware” alongside co-star Victor Gonzalez, choreographer/dancer for the 2 Live Crew music video “Take It Off”, actress for international commercial on Mother’s Day for Amerijet and Host for VIP TV for 4 years.

Christine believes that she didn’t choose this industry, the industry chose her. 

“It seems that my personality fit in the entertainment world and it was a snowball effect where opportunities just kept coming from modeling to acting to booking models, event planning and becoming a tv host.  If you ask anyone who knows me if they could ever see me with a normal job they would laugh at you. I have never ever had a normal 9-5 career job in my adult life,” she shares.

She knew she wanted to get paid to eat and drink on tv, so she created a concept that would be entertaining and accomplish exactly what she wanted.

Christine has always understood that the TV world is extremely complicated. “There is no cookie cutter way to get on tv. You can create a sizzle and a synopsis, try to sell it and hope for the best along with millions of others or you can create full episodes, find your own funding and build a fan base. I chose option two,” she says.  After a lot of hard work, she is currently in talks to go national after a year of local tv.  They are currently on the CW South Florida. 

Having had many projects under her business, Christine knows exactly what works, and what doesn’t. “You have to be willing to let an idea go if you can’t fund it or can’t figure out a way to monetize it. For me, each project has to show growth not only in the idea but how far I can take it.  Otherwise I’m going backwards instead of forwards,” she says. 

With Dining Divas she saw the big picture. She knew she wanted to make money and grow the brand with sponsorships and commercial advertisers, but she also knew that, with a show like this, she could get to a national and international level very fast. There are major merchandising opportunities not only with the Dining Divas brand but the individual branding of each host. “Each host has been given an alter ego name for the show. We have a Spicy Diva, Sweet Diva, Saucy Diva, Savory Diva and a Sizzling Diva. From a Sizzling Diva apron to a Spicy Diva Martini glass, the possibilities are endless,” she shares.

Her goal is to grow the Dining Divas with a similar franchise as “The Real Housewives”.  Dining Divas will be the next huge lifestyle show that features the best places to dine and drink with a different set of Influential hosts in all the top foodie cities. I would like to see Divas take on the same character names as us in places such as NY, Chicago, San Francisco, Texas etc.,” she says. 

For Christine, competition doesn’t exist. She has created a unique and entertaining concept, and is constantly reinventing herself. She has learned to ignore the copycats and doubters, and has stayed true to what she believes will be successful.

When you are looking for the hottest new spot to visit for a date night or when your traveling to South Florida, Dining Divas is the place to get the best recommendations and give you maximum entertainment while doing it. A reality styled show, it takes you to the hottest places to dine accompanied by your favorite local foodies and celebs in South Florida because as Christine says, “Everyone Wants To Dine Like A Diva”.