Meet South Beach’s Hottest Club, The 305 Kettlebell Club. Learn More From Its Founder Wladimir Salas

Meet South Beach’s Hottest Club, The 305 Kettlebell Club. Learn More From Its Founder Wladimir Salas

Wladimir Salas is a kettlebell trainer and supplier and the founder of Miami’s only kettlebell club called The 305 Kettlebell Club. Through The 305 Kettlebell Club, Wladimir & his team provide group personal training classes using only a kettlebell, at outdoor locations on weekends and indoor locations during the week.

We focus on training the six fundamental movement patterns that everyone should train twice a week: (Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Lunge, Carry) alongside all kettlebell skills & concepts” Wladimir says.

With these workouts people can gain and achieve greater strength, mobility, balance, fat loss, power, flexibility, posture, muscle mass, and improve cardio and stress levels. To do this, The 305 Kettlebell Club offers a friendly training environment where participants work together as a group to achieve their goals.

We work hard, dance and push each other in a healthy way. You can join the fun for as little as $35 or even less if you purchase a class package.” Wladimir shares.

The 305 Kettlebell Club was founded in January 2021 by Wladimir through Wlaminca Fitness, a kettlebell supplier and training company. All instructors at The 305 Kettlebell Club are Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC), giving attendees the best kettlebell training in the industry.

Located between the iconic Ocean Drive and Muscle Beach on 9th Street, The 305 Kettlebell Club ensures a beautiful view as people work out on the weekends.

When asked about challenges launching The 305 Kettlebell Club, Wladimir highlights the physical obstacle imposed by having to move a large number of heavy kettlebells to train a group of people in the open air.

Moving kettlebells can be a big task. Sometimes we needed two cars for a large class. It took us about 16 months to be able to acquire our cargo van to make things easier for us.” he explains.

What motivated Wladimir, founder and CEO of Wlaminca Fitness and The 305 Kettlebell Club, to have a kettlebell club in Miami was the kind of culture that the kettlebell community has built in New York City.

What sets The 305 Kettlebell Club apart is the type of training and also how they do it, as kettlebells can be very intimidating for many people. While their training is very strict, they create a very welcoming environment for first timers & they make it as fun as possible with great music and a positive atmosphere.

Wladimir is focused on growing The 305 Kettlebell Club both in the number of attendees and trainers. He is also looking to be able to expand to other counties and states across the United States.

People interested in improving their fitness through kettlebell workouts can join The 305 Kettlebell Club outdoors on weekends at 11am (900 Ocean Drive) or indoors during the week at Prestige Miami Fitness Club 6pm (1000 West Avenue).

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