Meet Sebastian Garces: The Successful Colombian Entrepreneur Who Is Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry Through His Platform InvestWE

Meet Sebastian Garces: The Successful Colombian Entrepreneur Who Is Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry Through His Platform InvestWE

Today’s financial world is as equally intimidating as it is intriguing. However, with the right insight, investing can be one of the most lucrative endeavors you partake in. Real estate investing, in particular, has proven – time and time again – that it can serve as a wealth-building vehicle for savvy investors. 

For a multitude of reasons, real estate is an excellent investment. You can benefit from high rates of return, significant tax benefits and the ability to utilize real estate to grow wealth.  In fact, if you’re thinking about investing in real estate, you’re about to embark on one of the best investment journeys of your lifetime!

In that sense, Sebastian Garces is a successful Colombian entrepreneur founder of InvestWE, a platform to invest from $50 dollars in real estate properties for short-term rentals like AIRBNB, in different parts of the world and in just 5 minutes. Part of his goal is to democratize real estate investment so that anyone can invest in the industry without using large sums of money or having advanced knowledge.

“We get or build profitable properties suitable for short-term rentals in different countries that go through a rigorous legal, commercial and financial study; Then we virtually bring together investors from different countries without needing to know each other, with the common goal of buying that property, investing from $50 dollars. Absolutely all investments are backed by a legally constituted company and everything is done in compliance with current legal and tax regulations”, Sebastian explains.

Sebastian has always had entrepreneurship in his veins. In the last 15 years, he has founded 8 successful companies with national and international operations in different sectors, such as finances, construction, wholesale trade, hotel, agricultural and software development sectors.

To date, 6 of the 8 companies he has founded operate in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and the US.

Sebastian ‘s brother, Daniel Garces, is also a serial entrepreneur. He founded a construction company called LoftGo, which specializes in the construction of  intelligent loft-type apartments for rent on AIRBNB-type short-stay platforms.

“These lofts are modern homes, with small areas from 22 square meters to 90 meters in which the spaces are connected to each other and the divisions are few, resulting in a large space with natural lighting and ventilation”, Sebastian shares.

They are currently building more than 90 loft apartments in Medellin, Colombia, and have established themselves as leaders in the industry. Due to the great success of the LoftGo construction company, Sebastian came up with the idea of creating the InvestWE platform. By being direct builders through technology, Daniel and his team can make the real estate investments available to everyone, regardless of their economic or social level!

Investing in the platform is very easy. First, investors need to register on for free with their WhatsApp number. Then, they must select a property from the list of properties available to invest at Next, they need to add the fractions they want to the cart and make the payment of their investment in the currency they prefer. That’s it! From that moment, investors will be able to monitor their investment from their account. Plus, they will receive the contract and certificate immediately on their phone number.

InvestWE liquidates every 10th of each month. “Additionally, day by day your fraction revalues since your property also does and when you want to sell your fractions they will have a higher value!”, Sebastian adds.

Without any doubt, investing on the platform provides extensive benefits to all interested parties, such as high profitability, low risks, the possibility of investing in the American economy -one of the strongest and most stable in the world -absolute control of investments and much more. Plus, the investment process is 100% online. It is easy, fast and effective!

So far, 2023 is going to be a really exciting year for Sebastian. He is currently working with his brother in order to expand LoftGo nationally and internationally. They plan to take their innovative concept to many countries and thus break the paradigm of the value of real estate properties. At the same time, they will be supporting tourism in the countries they reach! The InvestWE platform also plans to become the largest community of virtual real estate investors in the world! That way, Sebastian will contribute to the development of society and allow anyone to have large real estate businesses.

To find out more about this work, click here. You can also check the InvestWE website here.