Meet Sebastian Duarte: The CEO of Strive Media, Who Has Amassed a Large Following on YouTube and TikTok and is Helping Build Brands

Meet Sebastian Duarte: The CEO of Strive Media, Who Has Amassed a Large Following on YouTube and TikTok and is Helping Build Brands

Today, it is not enough to have an idea to start a business, you must also take into account how to promote the product or service you want to sell. For that, it is important to have the necessary knowledge in marketing and advertising, as well as experience working in different social media platforms.

Sebastian Duarte Griego is the CEO of Strive media, a media agency that does everything from scraping content to providing executive assistants, to growing social networks, managing and developing e-commerce stores. They also provide private virtual assistance for any type of online task.

“We basically help companies become automated.” Sebastian says, and adds, “We currently run a network of 115M followers.”

What motivated Sebastian to venture into the digital media industry is like many other entrepreneurs the desire to be financially free, besides having big dreams he wanted to accomplish.

“Since I was little I have wanted to be rich, to create several streams of income and be able to enjoy life while doing what I love the most. I have always wanted to be financially free and have my girl, friends and family enjoying life with me. This industry allows you to grow as a person, even though it is a lot of work, it allows you to travel and be happy.” Sebastian explains.

Sebastian started his path to success with YouTube and TikTok, which are some of the best advertising and marketing platforms. There, he posted quite frequently keeping a steady pace in his posts, something that is crucial to succeed in the digital marketing world. 

With his vast experience in social media, Sebastian is still on the lookout for new ways to reach as many people as possible by creating brands online. His drive and expertise has made him the person agencies look to to be their consultant and media person.

What sets Sebastian apart from his competitors is the fact that he is a consistent and persevering person under any conditions 

“What sets me apart from my competition is that I am a very consistent person. No matter how big or strong your competition is, if you are more consistent than them you will beat them eventually.” Sebastian shares.

For Sebastian, the biggest obstacle he has overcome in his career has been starting out as a young entrepreneur with no money or connections in the media industry. Through this, he learned that being scared of failure was a normal feeling that he had to get used to.

“My advice for people trying to start their own business is to start it the same day the idea gets into your head. It does not matter how small your progress is. The key is to be consistent and grind everyday just as hard.” Sebastian says.

With this in mind, Sebastian will continue to work towards success, which for him is being able to enjoy life, to do whatever he wants whenever he wants, and feel satisfied with what he has. 

In the future, Sebastian’s goals include scaling the media agency Strive and focusing on creating new content for his 175K subscribers on YouTube and dedicated followers on TikTok.