Meet Pia Gollini: The Venezuelan Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, TikToker and Content Creator Motivating People To Improve Their Lifestyle

Meet Pia Gollini: The Venezuelan Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur, TikToker and Content Creator Motivating People To Improve Their Lifestyle

Pia Gollini is a Venezuelan brand ambassador, entrepreneur, TikToker and content creator. Through her social media platforms, she represents brands, promotes events, and talks about her tea brand called Ama Té.

It is a unique tea with antioxidant properties. It helps detoxify. It is diuretic. It has a super refreshing flavor. I have sent it to develop according to the flavors, smells, and properties that I like. It is very tasty and beneficial for people’s health.” Pia explains.

In the month of November 2020, Pia decided to change her lifestyle and create her tea brand with the aim of motivating all the people who followed her on her social media to also change their lifestyles for a healthier one.

With that goal in mind, she started a reality show on her YouTube channel with workouts and a healthy lifestyle and all this along with her tea. By doing this, Pia changed not only her eating habits but also her emotional habits.

When she realized the benefits of her new lifestyle, Pia decided to share it with her followers to help them too by leading with the example, and making them understand that they too could achieve change in their lives.

I achieved what I wanted, which was to motivate others. I sometimes think that my business is more about promoting mental and physical health than anything else. That makes me feel happy and therefore successful.” Pia reflects.

For Pia there is no competition because like many other people, she believes the only competition is herself. Moreover, her charisma and personality are qualities that make her stand out from other people.

I am not competing with absolutely anyone. Only with myself. Each of us has something that makes us unique in our field, even if it is the same. I feel special and unique for many reasons, my charisma and my personality define me and I know that I reach people and give them much more than a simple laugh. As you see me on social media, I am in real life.” Pia states.

Success is a word that has many meanings because it is different for each person. For Pia success is achieved when you manage to be happy in any area of your life. On top of that, it helps to be able to help others achieve happiness too.

Success can be at a business, professional, work, personal and even emotional level. Everything that has taken you time, sacrifice, and effort to achieve, and ends up causing happiness in you, is success.” Pia says.

In the near future, Pia plans to carry out a variety of projects including clothing, cosmetics, books, foundations and other things. She will continue to grow her tea brand Ama Téand work to be successful in all her ventures.

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