Meet Multi Featured Content Creator Sal Rahman, Also Known As Ball Guy357

Meet Multi Featured Content Creator Sal Rahman, Also Known As Ball Guy357

Meet Sal Rahman, content creator and CEO of United Starelite LLC- an entertainment and promotions company. Sal materialized his own entertainment media business in Atlanta to help himself stay productive and positive while garnering thousands of followers on Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook. 

Sal ever since a young age always went above and beyond. Born in Bucks County and raised in Levittown PA, he played varsity basketball for Pennsbury High school as a top star. A few years later, he was able to attend Temple University before relocating to Atlanta, where he advanced with a BS degree in Business Management and with a career as a growth-minded business professional. Sal has also been a comedic individual of my class who has been around the entertainment business for some time. When he moved to Atlanta, he saw many black entrepreneurs with great opportunities and pushed himself to be successful as well.

However, most recently, Sal struggled with his health, as he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in February 2021. Nevertheless, he took a positive outlook/approach on life and mental/physical health and awareness by leveraging that challenge towards his success. 

With the right mindset and motivation, Sal manifested his entertainment venture, his successful enterprise, and became a content creator in April 2021. In just one month of creating content, his reach and popularity skyrocketed on multiple social media platforms. Thanks to the help of his friend and partner White Dolemite (Chris Riley) has inspired him to tap into his full potential as a content creator. As a result, he featured on platforms such as Worldstar, Viral Exposure, Collab Crib, and MTV making his dream/vision a reality.

Now Sal continues to make content and he used his platform to entertain others while uplifting his own physical and mental health along with his family’s as well. 

“Creating makes me happy and gives me the opportunity to share my story and stand as an ambassador for those with MS and to inspire and give hope/happiness to all of humanity.”

In 2022, Sal will continue to raise awareness among those with MS to instill hope and happiness in their lives. He is also working to expand his reach to newer audiences, expecting to be featured on MTV’s Ridiculousness at the end of 2022, launch his merch, and collaborate with creators and tour the U.S. 

Follow Sal on Instagram @Ballguy357, Tik Tok @Ballguy357 and Facebook.