Meet Grayson Armstrong The Young Entrepreneur Whose Social Media Lifestyle Is Taking Over Instagram

Meet Grayson Armstrong The Young Entrepreneur Whose Social Media Lifestyle Is Taking Over Instagram

Grayson Armstrong grew up surrounded by other entrepreneurs. He was inspired by everything he saw growing up to begin his own path towards the world of business. At just the young age of 19, he is already an incredible businessman and socialite and is just getting started on his path towards success.

“I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and watched and learned the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur and how to build success from it. What makes me unique? I am only 19 years old and have accomplished many successes thus far, I’ve won most industrious teen for my early age entrepreneurial ventures. I’ve also been awarded many photography awards, including those for a well known publication, been featured on the news, front page news articles and done brand awareness for large fashion brands. I am also a sponsored brand ambassador for a few elite companies,” Grayson shares.

Grayson was inspired to begin in the social media industry when he saw the power of it as a tool for influencing others. He could have a major impact on people from all walks of life and all across the globe.

“I was inspired to get into the social media industry because I saw what a major impact you can create upon sharing your lifestyle on social media. When I started on social media, I soon began to grow and became better after I received messages from people around the world telling me how I inspire them to be better,” Grayson says.

Though he has been incredibly influential and successful, Grayson’s  life and career has not been without obstacles. On a personal level, a move to a small town affected him immensely. On a professional level, he has struggled with getting past all those who did not believe in him.

“Growing up in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and then moving to a very small coastal town (Port Aransas, Texas). It was an extremely difficult transition. The biggest obstacle for me was getting past the haters, people that would look at me like I was crazy for discussing my dreams, goals and desires. That was the hardest for me,” Grayson explains.

Grayson is different from others in his industry because he brings a different perspective than most. As a young person in an industry full of people who are much older than he is, Grayson is able to think differently and bring new ideas to the playing field that many others couldn’t even imagine. His fresh perspective keeps him on top of his game.

“I am different from any competition by bringing in my millennial mindset to everything! Young and determined. Always bringing new and innovative ideas to the table,” Grayson remarks.

In addition to his different mindset, Grayson has been able to attract thousands of followers by showing off his lifestyle.

“I’ve grown my social media by the tens of thousands attracting viewers world wide by showing off my lavish lifestyle and exotic trips. I love to highlight that in the articles to motivate and show what is attainable to all and hard work truly pays off,” Grayson comments.

Grayson is not stopping at social media. He has new projects planned for the future already and plans to hop into a different industry entirely to try his talents there.

“My next projects in the near future are getting more involved in real estate and getting into the sales side of it. Success to me is not defined by money or wealth. Success is something inside of you that says I did it. Look around and you are internally happy with your life and accomplishment. Often people mistake wealth for success yet aren’t happy, always make sure you are truly happy with yourself and life you created around you,” Grayson states.

To find out more about Grayson, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.