Meet Diego Tomasino: An Executive Coach Passionate About Business Diversity, Who Is Helping Companies Be More Inclusive

Meet Diego Tomasino: An Executive Coach Passionate About Business Diversity, Who Is Helping Companies Be More Inclusive

Diego Tomasino is an executive coach passionate about business diversity. With CoachMap, he helps companies live up to the values of inclusion and equity to achieve a better work environment that allows employees to perform better and get more profits. He is also the author of the book “Come Out! Las Empresas Tienen Que Salir Del Closet”, which is aimed at companies that are in the process of wanting to be more diverse and inclusive but are limited by the conditions of the social context in which they operate or by the closed mentality of the people who manage them.

Diego has more than 10 years of professional experience in financial consulting. He was motivated to found CoachMap to close the gap that exists between sexuality and success in the workplace. To do this Diego uses coaching as a tool to find the best techniques to create more inclusive places, working to transform people.

CoachMap provides consulting and coaching services where people can locate the best-certified coaches according to their requirements and at the same time have access to various personal development courses.

According to Diego, with very few exceptions, Latin American society is dominated by the paradigms of machismo, discrimination, and lack of knowledge about the problems of diversity management. 

Companies and organizations are a key factor for social inclusion, which is why learning to manage diversity is an essential technique in the new social context. It is no longer enough for people to come out of the closet, it is time for companies to do so as well.” Diego explains.

Diego manages to stand out above his competitors for several reasons. Firstly, he has first-hand experience on how an inclusive company can and should be. About this, he shares: 

I have gone through homophobia, discrimination, and harassment. I have seen how friends and acquaintances have been kicked out of their homes, lost a job promotion, and been thrown to the street just because they belong to the LGBTQ+ community. Despite that, I work from the approach of love and empathy and not from resentment. That is my main message to all people and companies that approach me to start their inclusive routine.” 

Secondly, Diego has lived in the United States and worked in different countries in Latin America and Europe, which has helped him to have an insight into the realities of diverse people and their struggles.

Whenever I work with a company, the first thing I do is to evaluate in which country they operate and where their talents live because you have to adapt your discourse if you want your DEI strategy to be successful.” Diego states.

Diego provides workshops and coaching services focused on diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) to create better work environments. Some of the workshops that they offer include: 

1) Consulting on Implementing DEI Strategy; 

2) Business Focused LGBTIQ+ Diversity and inclusion workshop; 

3) Unconscious Bias Course; 

4) Inclusive language and communication workshop.

5) Inclusive Interview Process Review; 

6) Training on Inclusive Leadership; 

7) One on One Executive Coaching Sessions.

Lastly, Diego is a person who loves his job and what he does. He can talk for hours about diversity and inclusion, and he is not going anywhere.

I don’t see myself doing something different. I’m in the place where I need to be.” Diego adds.

Currently, Diego is working on the English edition of his book “Come Out! Companies Need to Come Out of the Closet.” He is also working on another book aimed at telling the story of LGBTQ+ politicians and their efforts to draft more inclusive laws for their countries. 

I also want to portray the struggle of trans people when it comes to working in politics, creating public policy, or being candidates.” Diego says.

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