Meet Deriana Peoples: A Young YouTuber Also Known as Binks So Famous, Who Is Helping Influencers Grow Their Social Media Platforms

Meet Deriana Peoples: A Young YouTuber Also Known as Binks So Famous, Who Is Helping Influencers Grow Their Social Media Platforms

Deriana Peoples is a young Youtuber also known as Binks So Famous. She currently runs an entertainment business where she helps build influencers across all social media platforms. 

Since YouTube became more and more famous, many people have wanted to make a living by creating content on the platform where they can show others their qualities, and talents and teach about their lifestyle and more.

But regardless of how fantastic and great the idea could be, not everyone is good at making a recording that is entertaining and engaging. Creating content requires consistency and effort.

An example of this is Deriana, who had been consistently creating content on YouTube for 10 years before she went viral. This is why she understands the time and effort it takes to be successful as an influencer on social media, and is now helping others succeed.

Emotionally I felt like I went through hell trying to get people to watch me or just subscribe to me. I told myself that I would make sure that anyone who comes to me with a dream and is consistent and doesn’t give up, I’m going to help them.” Deriana shares.

That decision initially carried over to her family setting in her desire to be that one member of her family who managed to blaze the trail that broke down generational barriers. Subsequently, Deriana has helped others who have come to her by helping them grow in their platforms. 

My goal is to be like the Wayans Family.” Deriana adds.

There are different moments and professional careers where mindset plays a fundamental role. This is particularly the case for content creators, who must have a well-prepared mindset, especially at the beginning of their careers.

As crazy as it sounds, many people don’t believe in themselves. I always think positively. Believe in yourself and your product first. Because if you don’t, no one will support you. Invest in yourself.” Deriana comments.

If we had to qualify Deriana with one single word, that would be “Consistency.” It has been through her consistency that she has managed to differentiate herself from other content creators. When asked about how to respond to challenges, Deriana says:

I just worked harder. I didn’t miss a day of publishing. I stayed up late editing. And most importantly, I wasn’t afraid to do anything. I dropped a diss track on some YouTubers who NEVER knew me. Regardless of the outcome, I knew it would make numbers. I knew it would reach the teens of shade room and I also knew it would bring traffic to ALL of my platforms.” 

Despite not having the typical characteristics of Instagram content creators and not being raised to be flashy like other YouTubers, Deriana has made use of other qualities such as her humor and management skills to capture people’s attention thus overcoming some of the obstacles she has faced in her professional career.

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