Meet Carolyn Jarrett Jones: The Successful Businesswoman, Digital Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur Who Is Making an Extraordinary Impact on Today’s Society

Meet Carolyn Jarrett Jones: The Successful Businesswoman, Digital Marketing Expert & Entrepreneur Who Is Making an Extraordinary Impact on Today’s Society

In recent years, women have become more and more interested and involved in entrepreneurship. The truth is that when women are at the forefront of entrepreneurship, innovation is enhanced, productivity surges, creativity expands and the economy ultimately grows.

As a female entrepreneur, you need consistency, determination and a refusal to give up taking your business to the next level. The good news is that you are not alone.

Carolyn Jarrett Jones is a successful businesswoman, a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur who’s passionate about creating new business. She’s also an advocate for female entrepreneurship in today’s society.

Entrepreneurship has been in Carolyn’s DNA since she was little. She started her first business, a website design company, just out of college. After moving from Florida to Chicago, Carolyn launched the wildly popular beauty brand, Pretty City, a trusted beauty guide to over 7.4 million women. 

“Ours “spa girl” parties have been credited with starting the experiential event trend in the beauty industry as far back as 2001,” Carolyn shares.

Then, an editor of the Chicago Sun Times Red Streak edition caught wind and invited Carolyn to pen a weekly beauty column. That column went on to additionally grace the page of the St. Petersburg Times. 

“Becoming a  published beauty columnist as part of my work was a huge coop, that has been one of my biggest accomplishments,”she adds.

However, success for Carolyn was just beginning. 2014 was the year when social media exploded, so she decided to launch a new business along with her business partner, called Oak Street Social, a social media marketing firm dedicated to elevating unique brands into household names.

“Our mission is to bring brands to life on social media in a way that looks, feels, and sounds better than they ever imagined. To tell the story of the brands we work with, connecting them to consumers globally, inspiring action, and driving revenue!” reads the Oak Street Social website.

Based in Chicago, the agency has gone on to become one of the top digital agencies in the area! They provide many types of services, including brand consulting, copywriting, social media management, campaigns development, social media marketing plans and much more. 

“We are devoted to connecting and creating a community for both big and small brands. We’ve never met a hashtag we didn’t like. Our goal: empower consumers to start talking about you!.” Carolyn states.

To date, Carolyn has managed to grow two companies to 7 figure revenue with an initial investment of less than $500. What’s more, she has also become a well recognized leader and female entrepreneur within her industry, who’s positively impacting the lives of thousands of people. But without her determination and passion for her work, she probably wouldn’t be where she’s today.

“I’m working on growing and improving multiple businesses without losing focus on any  of them. That’s  tough. Balance is always my goal – To work hard, play hard. Model for my kids what it means to be an involved parent and also an ambitious female entrepreneur. To give back more and stay grateful. Always trying to be a better human being, a more effective and connected leader, growing into my role as Mom to 4 boys and partner to my husband.” says Carolyn.

Without a doubt, this is the story of a powerful woman who forged her own path. A woman who is going further, doing more, breaking through barriers and giving people courage. Despite her circumstances, Carolyn has always chosen to empower others and to help them to develop – not only themselves, but also the people around them. We want her to inspire you with her resourcefulness, her hope and her resilience. 

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