Meet Ambily: The South Asian American Content Creator, Coach, and Podcast Host Who is Using Her Platform To Uplift Others

<strong>Meet Ambily: The South Asian American Content Creator, Coach, and Podcast Host Who is Using Her Platform To Uplift Others</strong>

Ambily is a South Asian American content creator, coach, and podcast host from Chicago. She creates content related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, and is partnered with brands like Express, Lunya, Olive and June, and The Saree Room to name a few.

As a content creator in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle space, I have to manage my brand and business in many ways: from reaching out to brands, negotiating contracts and compensation, creating contracts, and so much more. It’s a lot of work, and I have the utmost respect for creatives in this field,” Ambily says.

With her work as a coach, Ambily helps clients achieve their goals by offering different strategy ideas related to brand building, creating both a media kit and rate sheet, as well as how to best monetize social media channels. Additionally, Ambily provides the tips and tricks she has learned along the way.

Coaching sessions with Ambily include the following: a 1-hour live consultation session hosted through Zoom, a recording of the consultation session so you can re-watch it at any time, and summary notes from the post-consultation call with a detailed action plan.

Anyone can be a content creator because your voice and uniqueness matters. I’d love to help you. Before the consultation, I’ll send you an intake form to complete so I can get to know you and your vision,” Ambily comments.

The moment Ambily got started in the content creation industry, she set two important goals for herself: to increase representation of South Asians in mainstream media and help others feel inspired to go after their passion.

“To fulfill these goals, I also created the podcast ‘Break the Barrier.’ My mission is to show in a fun and lighthearted way that it is possible to find happiness on a road less traveled. On “Break the Barrier” I feature successful and happy powerhouse voices in our community who are breaking barriers by pursuing full-time careers outside of what is traditionally considered successful,” Ambily explains.

Ambily differentiates herself in what she does because she shows up on social media as she is, authentically expressing her thoughts on what she values and lifting others’ voices along with hers.

I take comfort in using my platform as a safe space to speak openly about my experiences and the advice I would give my younger self to feel confident in my skin. To my surprise, I quickly learned how supportive this community is, which pushed me to believe that we can make a positive impact and change the world for the better,” Ambily adds.

Looking ahead, Ambily hopes to continue working in the area of influencer coaching, content creation, modeling, as well as bringing unique guests to her podcast show who manage to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone.

Ambily is also working on developing an app in the area of mindfulness/wellness with an amazing team of women. If you want to know more about her, click here.