Look out for Detroit based actor and writer June Shelton

Look out for Detroit based actor and writer June Shelton

Meet June Shelton, the multifaceted actor and writer from Detroit whose passion led him to writing films, music as well as comedy skits. With his acting and writing skills (and now music under his belt) mixed with his “boy next door” charm, he is guaranteed to draw out many different emotions on and off screen.

June loved watching his favorite actors such as Kain Carter, Trey Moe, and Will Smith on the big screen. Upon watching, June took that idea and turned it into his career path, by becoming an actor himself. He was able to do so by absorbing all kinds of content. He also asked himself “What makes people feel this way? What makes people do this? How do they respond when this happens?” By culminating all sorts of knowledge from the media and with the right mindset and motivation he was able to create his own works of music and acting.

As many artists, June faced setbacks throughout his career. The main challenge he surpassed was the negativity and doubt that people projected towards him. Nevertheless, June believed in himself and knew what he was doing was right. 

Knowing exactly what he wanted despite the challenges, the past two years have proven to be an amazing growth session for June creatively. During the unfortunate events that transpired in 2020, June leveraged the free time he had as an opportunity to be even more creative. He began writing more scripts and wrote a musical album entitled “Reflection” which was released digitally in March 2021. He even starred in the film “Project 8” which was released mid pandemic.

Currently, June is working on his next musical project “Sincerely, June”, which will be released December of this year, as well as a few film projects. 

Check out June Shelton’s music on here and follow him on Instagram @juneshhelton