Learn About Cadversity, the Agency That Guarantees Product Delivery To Retail Stores in 90 Days

 Learn About Cadversity, the Agency That Guarantees Product Delivery To Retail Stores in 90 Days

Nick Maciel, also known as “Chief Product”, is an entrepreneur, first-generation college graduate, and son of a Brazilian immigrant, who runs different companies including the notable product development agency Cadversity.

“We work with motivated entrepreneurs and independent creators to deliver their own branded product to retail stores within 90 days, guaranteed,” says Nick.

For each client, Cadversity takes care of structuring a new entity to receive maximum product investment banking. They develop and register patents and trademarks, design and render the products in 3D, manufacture and test their own physical prototypes, deliver them to the home of their clients, and provide them with a free demo website, pitch deck, and investor matchmaking service for their new product.

Nick grew up in a divorced household where he was taught from a young age the value of independence and hard work. He found his passion and calling in mechanical engineering and graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a B.S. in mechanical engineering.

After graduating, Nick had the opportunity to run two companies: a product company that manufactured monitoring sensors for oil and gas companies and an engineering consulting firm. However, he accumulated a lot of debt, made costly mistakes, and lost business partners in the process.

The inspiration to create Cadversity came from Nick’s frustrating experience as a freelance engineering designer during the 2020 pandemic. He realized how terrible the client-contractor experience was, with a huge smokescreen in the relationship, massive fees charged by freelance work platforms, and clients being charged 6-7 figures by large technical consultancies.

One of the biggest challenges in building a business, according to Nick, is discipline. Entrepreneurs need to be stoic and resilient in the face of adversity, and that requires cultivating a mindset through repetitive practice and failure. Many people are easily overwhelmed and become emotionally defensive when faced with new types of difficulties, so they move away from solving their root problems.

Nick’s discipline has allowed him to expand his business at a rapid pace, breaking even in just four months of operation. He had to take on $35,000 of credit card debt to launch Cadversity, which is now in its own space with no comparable competitors in a hyper-concentrated environment. Cash flow was never guaranteed, but Nick’s refusal to give up and his financial education were the keys to his success.

Nick is also the owner of FreeCADQuotes.com, a site that offers 3D modeling and product design services, as well as 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding services. On his personal website, he offers consulting services and blog posts on entrepreneurship and product development.

“Success is measured by the impact you generate in people’s lives, not just in money,” Nick  comments.

More recently, Nick has been working on many successful projects that include a tattoo artist having her own gun safety product on the shelves with a non-provisional patent, he is helping a large Miami-based electronics company take its manufacturing overseas, and he is working on an automatic injera batter machine with a Silicon Valley startup. “Consulting firms, whether they compete with us or not, can expect that by Q4, our agency will be releasing a white label enterprise application that will allow them to view design projects in augmented reality,” states Nick.

On top of all of this, Nick is also working on creating a massive online education platform called I2P Accelerator (standing for Idea to Product) for individuals to launch their own Shark Tank-worthy products on their own, with only 10 hours of work per week, in just 3 months! The platform offers limited 50% off spots prior to launch at I2P accelerator.com.

Through all his business ventures, Nick sets himself apart from his competition because of his team and because he is the perfect person to help someone who has an idea for a product but has no idea where to start. “We get your project done in 90 days, put you in touch with investors only once we have built the product, and get you selling in retail stores, at a laughably low comparable cost. All of our contractors have specific expertise in your product niche, with engineering degrees, based in the US, with at least 5-7 years of applied work experience,” he adds.

Learn more about Nick and his businesses here.