Kimberly Lopez is a Professional Roller Skater With a Skating School in Miami Beach: Learn More About Her Offerings

Kimberly Lopez is a Professional Roller Skater With a Skating School in Miami Beach: Learn More About Her Offerings

Kimberly Lopez, also known as Kimlopezfit, is a professional roller skater, sports graduate, lover of good habits and healthy lifestyles, an investor in the Forex markets, and sometimes a model for advertising and protocol events.

Kimberly manages a skating school in Miami Beach where she works on the integral formation of athletes of all ages through personalized training guided by sports professionals. 

A healthy body is a vehicle for your mind to work in optimal conditions. If this works well, you can earn your money thinking and not working. Do not get paid for your time but for your mental agility. Being physically well and following the trends is having a bridge to freedom.” Kimberly explains.

Through her work, Kimberly is characterized by her positivity. She is motivated to do her work because she likes helping people to look and feel better, to improve their quality of life from the inside out by being and acting.

I am motivated to see a different world. I am motivated to see happy people. I am motivated to be better and help others to be better. The world has a thousand possibilities to offer us and I want to help others to see this faster and act now on their lives. To live quality times and not have a mirage of freedom.” Kimberly says.

Kimberly has been working in her business for a little over 10 years. She used to do it in her native Colombia too, but now in the United States, she has discovered a world of wonderful possibilities and is working with a team of people who constantly want to better themselves.

In addition to all of this, Kimberly also works in the digital investment industry and digital banking, where she spends some of her time trading in the forex market. Nonetheless, her Kim Lopez Skating academy is her main job.

I am here to move forward and help others to move forward, from being to having. Together we can and together is better.” Kimberly adds.

One of the things that helps Kimberly stand out from other skating trainers or even sports coaches in general is her human quality. She is very honest and transparent about the services she offers, and she is very dedicated to what she does. 

I do not worry much about thinking about my competition. But I think what differentiates me from others is my positivity and capacity to always find solutions.” Kimberly states.

Being a person who manages different businesses, for Kimberly it is very important to have a good mindset because according to her, a person is what he or she thinks. So first of all the person must have confidence in themselves so that others can trust them.

There are mental gaps at times. There are stumbles in the road, but when there is a strong mind, everything flows. In life 99% is attitude and 1% is what happens, so mindset can make or break you.” Kimberly advises.

Looking ahead, Kimberly is focused on her investment project as she wants to reach a level where she will be recognized within the network marketing industry. She also wants to continue helping thousands of people improve their health.

I want to travel and bring knowledge around the world. The world belongs to those who want to live not to those who live. Come, dream together because if you see it in your mind you have it in your hands.” She says.

Learn more about Kimberly, her projects and her skating academy here.