Keep Your investment In The Right Hands With Paradise Pergola, The Best Construction Company In South Florida. Find Out More Below!

Keep Your investment In The Right Hands With Paradise Pergola, The Best Construction Company In South Florida. Find Out More Below!

Imagine entering a space that elicits an emotional response. One that is inviting, beautiful and cohesively appealing. Designed outdoor living spaces are intentionally planned areas that have been carefully laid out and structured by experts. Such designs offer many benefits to your home and lifestyle.

Outdoor living spaces are a part of the home that is often overlooked, but the potential for using this space has unlimited possibilities. Many people strive to have beautiful interiors at home, but forget the importance of outdoor spaces. But the truth is that outdoor spaces are essential to everyday life.

The design options are practically endless when it comes to creating the concept for your outdoor living space. From financial return to family enjoyment, there are many benefits to adding one to your property.  Who says that the best memories are made indoors? It is time to get outside!

Paradise Pergola surpasses your typical outdoor living construction company as they have innovative designs, ideas and exceptional customer service that they bring to the table. They have revolutionized this industry by staying true to their essence and, as best explained by one of the founders “When my parents used to tell me if you do what you love for a living, you will never work a single day in your life, I always thought it was just cliche. Now that I have found my passion, I know exactly what they were talking about”.

In that sense, Paradise Pergola is a company that helps all their clients create a new outdoor experience in their home. The business was created with the intent of putting their customers as their first priority, since the founders realized that there was a big need for clients looking for a company they could trust and feel safe placing their investment in the right hands. The owners will be with their customers throughout the entire project, from coming out personally to give you an estimate to being present during construction to make sure everything goes as planned. Not one detail is missed. 

They have been in the construction industry in South Florida for more than 8 years, satisfying the needs of even the most demanding customers. Paradise Pergola manages to stand out from other similar businesses due to their commitment to provide the best service and workmanship quality in the field.

“When we first opened our doors, our biggest challenge was creating a name for ourselves and showing people that we are different from other companies they have dealt with in the past. A lot of our customers have had really bad experiences dealing with construction companies but we have been determined to change their perception”, one of the founders of the company explains.

Now, their team specializes in turning their clients blackyard’s in a paradise. Their services include renaissance roofs, Santafe pergolas, insulated roofs, motorized screens, pavers, 3D renders and much more. The best part of it is that they guide their customers from the first moment, from manufacturing to installation, in order to make sure the clients make the best decisions when customizing their home’s spaces.

What’s more, the process is really simple. First, the customer needs to decide which of their 6 different types of services is required, then they can request a free estimate through Paradise Pergola’s website and a qualified expert will get in touch. Later, a face-to-face appointment will be scheduled to take the measurements and specify the needs and steps of the project to be realized. Finally, the customer only needs to relax and enjoy while their dream backyard is being built!

Another reason not to worry is that Paradise Pergola is GC licensed and insured. They work with the highest quality standards and with the best materials available in the market for any type of backyard construction. 

When asked about success, one of the founders of Paradise Pergola replied:  “For me, success is having the ability to come through with projects and meeting expectations. Not only it shows me that we could operate a business the right way, but also it gives me peace of mind knowing that we are helping people”. Paradise Pergola quickly became a 5 star rated company with their methodical process and step by step approach with a personalized experience for each and every customer. 

One of the business’ secrets to always be at the top of the industry is, without a doubt, the exceptional services and quality they provide. Paradise Pergola works with the best price products and their projects are affordable for almost any budget.

If you’re ready to turn your home into your own paradise with pergolas, roofs, pavers and more, contact Paradise Pergola here.