Junior Caldera is the Venezuelan Artist Behind Up and Coming Music Mixing Llanero and Other Genres: Learn More

<strong>Junior Caldera is the Venezuelan Artist Behind Up and Coming Music Mixing Llanero and Other Genres: Learn More</strong>

Junior Caldera, also known as EL LLANERO, is a Venezuelan artist, musician, and composer from Altagracia de Orituco, Guarico State. He is also a partner with Always Fresh Music, an independent record label based in Caracas, Venezuela that supports a variety of artists from musical genres such as trap, dembow, reggaeton, R&B and more. 

I am also a brand, a product, and a business.” Junior shares.

Since Junior started his career in the music industry as a soloist, he has been characterized by being a very disciplined person in everything he sets out to do, always looking to be the best.

With his music, Junior has managed to merge his llanero music and his image being the only llanero that sings musical genres such as trap, dembow, reggaeton, R&B, and more.

Currently, the public is connecting with my art in an inexplicable way. I’ve been trending for five months in my country Venezuela. Discipline, humility, and faith are what is differentiating me and making me a unique artist.” Junior says.

Junior started his solo career in 2018 with the intention of making a living with his music and helping his family get ahead.

When I saw that my family’s business went bankrupt, I had to do something to help. I saw myself as a burden at home and decided that I needed to invent something. I have to do something and from there it all started.” Junior recounts.

Junior manages to stand out from other artists in the llanero field and other genres precisely because of his discipline.

While they are partying, I am in the studio. While they are celebrating something, I am making the video of my next song. While they sleep, I am writing. While they rest, I work.” Junior states.

In the near future, Junior is focused on taking his success to other countries. He is also working to bring to the market a clothing brand named 856.

When I am a very solid artist in the genre I am working in, I see myself signing new talents and giving them the support they need so much.” Junior adds.

In addition, with Always Fresh Music, Junior expects to support artists in other countries and help them become stars. Learn more about Junior here.