Juliana Landi Master Trainer Specializes in Cardiac Rehab & Special Groups with Obesity, Pregnancy, Diabetes & Mental Disorders

Juliana Landi Master Trainer Specializes in Cardiac Rehab & Special Groups with Obesity, Pregnancy, Diabetes & Mental Disorders

Many times being healthy can be confused with just exercising and being on a diet, when it actually means something very different. It means to take care of your mental and physical health. And that goes from the food we eat, to the type of exercise that we do, the information we consume, our habits and actions, etc.

Juliana Landi Master Trainer is changing people’s lives and helping them become healthier human beings. She specializes in physical exercise applied to cardiac rehabilitation and special groups. These groups are obse, pregnant, eldery, and people with mental disorders like depression, anxiety, stress and others.

After 14 years of experience with diverse clients regarding age, goals, injuries and conditions, she adapts her program to the needs of every one of them. This is incredibly important not only because of the exercises but especially to keep all motivated in the process. 

When moving to South Florida, the business has been mainly targeted for people who suffer from depression, stress and obesity, something that peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adapting her scheme to online platforms, she was able to maintain her clients and acquire new ones who needed the relief from the overwhelming situation of quarantine and COVID.

In Juliana’s words: “A trainer has to be able to go beyond the gym; it needs to become part of multiple projects in people’s lives. It’s not just about losing weight or increasing muscle mass. It’s about how this will completely change the person’s life, it’s about making my clients decrease the use of medications, about being healthy during a pregnancy, not having pain for day-to-day tasks; it’s about them creating conscience of their own choices. It’s about impacting the lives of everyone who is around each of them too!”

One of the most important aspects of exercising yourself and becoming a healthier person is the lack of accurate information people have. People tend to follow any figure they encounter without really knowing the science behind it or if what they’re doing is beneficial to them too. Knowing how to read the label of a food product will help you select the best ones. Equally, knowing which exercises can be dangerous to your conditions (mental or physical) will help you create a body with strong joints, to prevent injuries and diseases. That’s why Juliana always gives all her clients tips and information. She also teaches them everything about what they are doing, about diets, food and much more.

How you treat your body is a reflection of how you take care of yourself. And Juliana Landi Master Trainer is here to help you. A Physical Educator of profession, with specialization in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Special Groups, who is constantly studying and updating herself to provide the best services to her clients. She doesn’t only know about physical exercise but also psychology and mindset transformation. 

Besides being a personal trainer targeted to specific groups of people, mindset transformation is what really makes her stand out from other trainers. The most difficult clients are the ones resistant to change, which is why motivation and inspiring people to keep going is her number one priority alongside the results. 

Juliana is currently expanding her work and information to more people and increasing her online involvement. Become part of her change and have an informed healthier life with her. What are you waiting for?