Jotajoseph is a Young Colombian Artist and Influencer Creating Engaging Content On Social Media: Learn About What He Has To Offer

Jotajoseph is a Young Colombian Artist and Influencer Creating Engaging Content On Social Media: Learn About What He Has To Offer

Today, thanks to advances in technology, many people can exploit their gifts and abilities in a more relaxed and simple way when starting a business or entrepreneurship.

Thanks to social media, people are able to show their talent and stories, and some of these people have become so viral on the internet that they set trends in terms of fashion and how to socialize. 

These people are commonly called “influencers” and are a tool for large companies and other entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. There are also social media users that are dedicated to developing their talents with the vast knowledge that can be obtained from the network of networks.

Joseph F. Herrera, also known as Jotajoseph, is a young Colombian artist based in Chicago who enjoys expressing his art in different ways. He is an influencer, model, and a singer on different digital and streaming platforms.

He has been able to collaborate with important international brands and artists such as Netflix, Atlantic records, Celio France, Mini Cooper, Empire records, State Farm, Kanye, Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars, JLO, Madonna, among others.

Everything I know, I have learned thanks to the internet autonomously. The new contacts I have made and the different types of brands I have worked with are thanks to my process in social media. Therefore, I think I was motivated by the internet in general and the desire to leave Colombia, to show through my content how beautiful my country is, and to attract more tourism through the internet,” Jotajoseph explains.

Six years ago, Jotajoseph began his project on social media and midway through, he decided to make a change in his content. He started to show his travels and experiences through audiovisual productions highlighting the greatness of his native Colombia and its beautiful natural landscapes as well as noting the beauty of our planet from the different locations he visits.

The world is giant and has hidden corners that we have never been to and do not know. My mission is to make them known and sell my experience in those places through productions.” Jotajoseph shares.

Jotajoseph owes his success on social media to all the people who have followed him for years and that’s why he has started doing media tours and events where he can get closer to those people who have supported him for a long time on his platforms.

In each show, with a lot of art and fun, I’m telling my life story and emphasizing that dreams are fulfilled when you work for them and that the limits are mental. I am also giving gifts along with sponsoring brands and presentations of other artists from the cities where I went to make these events more dynamic.” Jotajoseph mentions.

Thanks to the connection he has with each follower of his social media platforms,  Jotajoseph continues to be motivated to work to achieve his goals, focus, and give the best of himself.

Some of Jotajoseph’s most viral content includes his Spark filters and Giphy stickers, which have millions of views on his Instagram and have generated fantastic engagement rates on the platform.

With an eye toward the future, Jotajoseph premiered a month ago his first single and official video, “Estoy Clean” with the stage name @Fervah_ Said piece of music is available on major digital music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube, and others

I’m very excited to represent my art through music for the first time. Showing my lifestyle and talking about my experiences, focused on the hip hop and trap genre mixed with a little bit of house, R&B, and rock, and with projection to reach a Spanish speaking and American audience, in view that the lyrics of my songs are in Spanish and English.” Jotajoseph adds.

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