Jose Belman Was Close to Flunking Out of High School. Now, He is a Top Expert in the Real Estate World. Find Out More Below.

Jose Belman Was Close to Flunking Out of High School. Now, He is a Top Expert in the Real Estate World. Find Out More Below.

Jose Belman had a difficult start to his academic career. Coming from a family that did not have a lot of money, education was always not his main priority. Thankfully, when college was drawing near, his school counselor intervened in his life to tell him to turn things around, so that is what Jose did.

 “My name is Jose Belman. I was born and raised in Salinas CA, and I attended all schools in East Salinas with two parents who worked in agriculture picking strawberries, broccoli, and lettuce. I was not an exceptionally good student in academics growing up, but I was very good at making friends. I did not know what I wanted to be growing up, since I had the understanding that finishing school would enable me to go to any college I desired. That was not the case once my counselor in my Junior Year in High School at Alisal High School, said to me ‘Jose with a GPA of 1.9 it is nearly impossible for you to go to any college, and at this point, I would just give up, frankly, you would need to stop what you are doing and attend all summer classes, all winter classes and get all excellent grades in order to even attend any college,’” Jose recounts.

Jose did just that. He turned his life around and took the classes that he needed to in order to attend college and get his financial degree. From there, the rest is history for Jose. He started his first company when he was 18 years old and never slowed down from there. He never wanted to disappoint his parents again, so he worked incredibly hard and by 19, he had earned his first million. Now, he is running a real estate investment company.

 “I run a real estate investment company, Capital Homes Investments LLC. Established in 2001, Capital Homes Investments LLC is a residential and commercial real estate investment company headquartered in Salinas, California. We have done $100,000,000 worth of real estate investments since 2001. Our core business focuses on the acquisition, redevelopment, and management of residential properties assets throughout California and outside California as well. We have successfully sold over 300 residential properties in California,” Jose explains.

 Real estate was originally a temporary choice for Jose. He never thought that he would be in the business because it never interested him when he was growing up. He was raised to earn a degree and work for a reputable company. He knew that business was his calling and that he wanted to end up in New York City as an Investment Banker, however, life had other plans for him.

 “Frankly, I never wanted to be in Real Estate. I wanted to be an Investment Banker in New York. When I started the job because of necessity, I found a passion I never knew about myself and that was closing real estate transactions with no skills. Later, I found myself developing a skill that can be used in all areas of your life. Many people today work in jobs and companies where they are not content, which causes stress, anxiety, and no purpose in life. In May 2018 is when I found my purpose of what I wanted to do, it is when the world and my vision changed, that is mainly the reason for who I am today,” Jose states.

 Even though Jose was not planning on being in the real estate business, it has taken off for him. He puts his success, abilities, and his accomplishments on the faith he has towards God. Jose would never imagine himself seeking and enjoying to worship and to dive deeper into a relationship with the creator of the world. In fact, Jose was so influenced by his faith, one of his next big projects is running a “Faith Driven based entrepreneurship Conference in 2022”.

 “Next year I will be hosting a “Faith Driven Conference for Entrepreneurs”. I am working on the details this year for the event to be a success. Today the world is very confused, there is too much information available at a fingertip, too many options available that our people are confused, blinded by the Narrative being shared by our leaders. There are Business Masterminds where you need to travel and go “FIND YOURSELF” “DISCOVER YOURSELF” of which I do not think you need to do. People are still wondering why they do what they do Today, wondering why you get up every day with NO PURPOSE. Seeking Acceptance, Seeking an Identity of which the World today is selling. BUT I will tell you, the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few With the Strength of the Lord, I plan to be used to fulfill his purpose.” Jose says.

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