Jorge Espinosa Is The Successful Relationship & Life Coach That Helps People Achieve A Happy, Healthy Relationship While Healing Their Traumas

 Jorge Espinosa Is The Successful Relationship & Life Coach That Helps People Achieve A Happy, Healthy Relationship While Healing Their Traumas

Relationships are foundational to our sense of happiness in the world. In that sense, a relationship coach helps both couples and individuals learn the tools to make relationships thrive. While differences and disagreements are a normal part of a relationship, a coach helps you see that you can still be successful partners,provided you have good communication and conflict resolution skills.

Also, relationship coaches teach couples how to be intimate, improve their communication and deepen their pleasure. They uncover what makes you and your partner feel most loved, seen, and supported – and then teach you how to give it to each other.

Relationship coaches are aware of one crucial dynamic: that all people are different. If you expect your partner to like and appreciate exactly what you do, you may be completely missing the boat. 

This is when Jorge Espinosa comes in! He is a successful life and relationship coach who helps people to love themselves and to solve potential conflicts they may have with their partners, in order to have the dream relationship that we all deserve.

“I want to share with the world what I’ve learned over my 36 years of life, 8 of marriage and 12 as a coach, so that people can have a successful love life”, he shares.

The main benefit of working with a relationship coach like Jorge is the clarity of feedback you receive from him. He alerts you about the way you are being perceived by others and gives you tools to change. Often, he helps partners understand each other better by translating and clarifying misunderstandings. He encourages you to try new ways of doing things and observe if they work out better for you.

Through a process of concise feedback, useful tools, and trial and error practices, Jorge helps your relationship be more loving and joyful, avoiding pain and conflict.

“Today people are afraid to love or to admit that they want to be in a relationship, because they believe that this will make them weak. The most difficult thing is to make people understand that love is not a fanciful idea, but a decision that is made daily alongside with your loved one” he adds.

In order to be the successful coach he is today, Jorge had to overcome some important difficulties, such as dealing with his anxious type of attachment, which made it really difficult for him to establish healthy relationships with people.

“I understood that I had to work on developing a secure attachment in order to have healthy bonding. First, we must be happy with ourselves in order to be happy with someone else”, Jorge explains.

He has a really strong presence on social media, where he shares daily content, tips, and useful information in order to help his exclusive online community. Jorge is also currently working on releasing a new podcast focusing on love and relationships, as well as planning new online courses within his industry.

“If you are looking to start a new relationship, you must first understand that no one comes to fill a void or save you. To build a healthy relationship, you must work on yourself, especially your traumas and your attachment styles. That is the basis for building a real love relationship”, Jorge advises.

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