Jennifer Morales Guides You Into the World of Investment & Speculation  

<strong>Jennifer Morales Guides You Into the World of Investment & Speculation  </strong>

Jennifer Morales is an investor and speculator. She runs DM Trading Venezuela, a company dedicated to educating and training its clients in investments and speculation in products of the American stock market.

Her own personal experience is what inspired her to start her business. She knows first hand the challenges of learning by yourself and how to overcome them, especially in topics like investment, finance and economics.

During Venezuela’s economic crisis from 2009 and the following years, Jennifer was struggling financially, debts were accumulating and her small computers business was about to go bankrupt. From the frustration of such a difficult moment, she decided to look for income alternatives to never live under such circumstances again.

Jennifer has always been a good self-taught person. She naturally wanted to know the whys and hows behind things, and looked for the answer herself. She entered the investment world, began learning and nowadays keeps learning but also guides those who want to build a financial lifesaver just like she did.

But she did not start teaching right away. She started her journey only as a personal tool. It was in 2017 when many people reached her through Instagram wanting Jennifer to share her knowledge and experience. To Jennifer’s surprise and amazement, she realized more than 60 courses and more than a thousand beneficiaries between 2017 and 2019 in Venezuela.

“In the world of speculation and investment, preparation is everything. Find a safe environment to learn, to practice actively and prepare to live with constant success but also failure. Prepare to live with uncertainty and learn to establish the principles of an effective mindset that will guide you to your goal in the best way possible”, comments Jennifer.

Jennifer’s determination and self-teaching ability were determinant factors that allow her to be where she is. She did not dominate the English language, did not have tutors or a bachelors’ degree, and still decided to enter such a complex industry as the US stock market.

Actually, she states that her “failures” in her personal life were the biggest lessons financially and in the stock market. She moved to Panama and then Costa Rica, both being complete disappointments. Nevertheless, he learned that in life, just as in the stock market, there are ups and downs; you only have to balance yourself in them, focusing that the ups are bigger than the downs.

Jennifer shares her story in her new book “How to create my own money machine” (“Cómo crear mi propia máquina de dinero” in Spanish). This book serves as a guide to people that want to initiate in the environment of passive investment in the stock market. She talks about indexed products, etfs, Roth Ira accounts, what type of bank accounts to use if you’re outside the US, advantages of the stock market, cryptocurrencies and more.

When asking her what makes her different from other investors, she answers: “There are already a lot of suits and ties. I provide a good conversation from my human perspective, with our limits as human beings. I believe that the people that reach me need a compassive friend that understands and has lived the challenges of the market, despite knowing its technicalities. I also share the mechanisms I used to overcome the mental and emotional challenges that come with finding a solution to your financial problems.”

Jennifer’s mission is to positively impact the life of anyone who seeks her. By sharing her journey, she expects others can use it as trampolin to achieve their own goals. She hopes to expand to Chile and then the US through her books, online training and in person conferences.

To achieve her next objectives, she is currently working to obtain the American CMT and CFA certificates in order to expand her tools as investor and speculator. Additionally, she wants to write more to beginners on how to analyze stock assets, risk and capital assessment.