Humanizing Service: The Unique Journey of Sebastian Reyes and We Solve It Out 

Humanizing Service: The Unique Journey of Sebastian Reyes and We Solve It Out 

Sebastian Reyes is an entrepreneur with interdisciplinary knowledge across various markets and the visionary founder of We Solve it Out, a company at the forefront of modern and disruptive solutions committed to simplifying the lives of millions of Americans through an innovative platform; this platform connects people’s home needs with professional services offered by thousands of qualified service providers.

“We want to make life easier for our clients, so that they simply tell me what their problem is, and we will solve it.” Sebastian shares.

Initially, Sebastian traversed diverse sectors, including the fitness market, insurance assistance, and telecommunications companies. Throughout these experiences, he remained constantly focused on service, which ultimately led to the inception of We Solve It Out.

“After selling my last company, where I served as a partner and CEO for over 6.5 years, I embarked on a solo trip through the Caribbean. More than just a break, this journey became an opportunity to reconnect and create a project to impact people positively.” Sebastian shares.

The company emerged from the concept of delivering exceptional services to American households by compounding a global community’s expertise, quality, and service. We Solve It Out distinguishes itself by assuming complete responsibility for the entire process—from contracting to operational monitoring. This approach eliminates the need for clients to negotiate directly with suppliers, which will ensure an entirely effective procedure and guarantee a high standard of service that alleviates their concerns.

“Building the future in services that we all dream of.” Sebastian kindly mentions their internal motto.

Sebastian recognizes that establishing trust with thousands of service providers was the biggest challenge during the inception of his company. He firmly attributes the success of their strategy to transparency, underscoring a steadfast commitment to eschew hidden fees, ensuring that the agreed-upon price with the service provider unequivocally stands as the final and ultimate cost.

The company is charting an ambitious course for future projects for the first quarter of 2024. We Solve It Out is in the final stages of its expansion throughout Florida, from the southern to the northern regions. The goal is to establish a significant presence in New York and New Jersey, setting a solid foundation for further expansion into the Carolinas by mid-year. Within less than two years, they aim to achieve a nationwide presence, providing exceptional services and enhancing the quality of life for customers across the United States.

With a distinct ethos: people helping people, Sebastian is advocating for the “humanization of service” at a time when digital technology and automation dominate. This concept links this technology to a personal, friendly, and flexible touch.

More than 500 household solutions are offered by We Solve It Out, saving customers the need for negotiations or technical expertise. The team and technology seamlessly manage the customer’s needs, giving them an enhanced experience of service as well as setting new industry standards.

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