House4uOnline Provides a Variety Of Real Estate Services Including Property Management, Sale Of Residential, Commercial & Industrial Properties: Janna Matheus Shares More!

 House4uOnline Provides a Variety Of Real Estate Services Including Property Management, Sale Of Residential, Commercial & Industrial Properties: Janna Matheus Shares More!

The wave of disruptive solutions using innovative technologies has entered the real estate market. It’s called Proptech, which basically refers to applications of new technologies that make the use, sale and lease of real estate more efficient.

There are several ways in which developments in PropTech can benefit the real estate industry. It’s not only a lucrative path for investors, but new tools are helping millions of buyers, sellers and landlords to improve property journeys. So both companies and users can profit from Proptech!

In that context, House4uonline is a PropTech that facilitates the purchase, sale or rental of real estate properties thanks to the most efficient combination of digital marketing, customer service and technology.

Located on the Colombian Caribbean Coast, part of the company’s mission is to be recognized for the excellent professional real estate service that they offer to their extensive clientele in the main cities of Colombia.

The brain behind this profitable business is Janna Matheus, a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur who created the company in 2016 because of her great passion for the real estate industry.

“I created this company with the main motivation of leaving a mark. I believe that women are capable of creating and directing big companies, I want to show people that we can do things well and at the same time generate value to humanity”, Janna explains.

Some of their services include sale of residential, commercial and industrial properties, property management, sale of new projects and properties, real estate personal shopper and much more!

“I want House4uonline to be recognized as the #1 proptech in Colombia and in the world, which also has a very important social and leadership aspect”, Janna adds.

They manage to stand out from the competition because their business model is very innovative and different from what other companies are doing. In addition, the quality of their services is incredible and they really care about their clients and the well-being of others.

Through House4uonline Janna has helped thousands of people to change their lives, both her collaborators and her clients. For her and her team, to fulfill a family’s dream of getting their home is something that has no comparison, the satisfaction is immense!

“I want all women to know that they can achieve their dreams of creating a company and generating jobs. Work with passion, discipline and focus is the secret of my success”, Janna says.

As an entrepreneur, she knows that having the right mindset is essential to achieve success and remain stable. That’s why Janna advises practicing meditation, listening to classical music, reading and playing sports to stay focused and happy, even during the difficult times that every business goes through.

“If you’re looking to start a new business, give it a try! What is the worst that can happen? When creating a company, the mistake that some people make is that they want to obtain immediate results and thus it doesn’t work, that’s why every entrepreneur must be patient, constant and persevering. In the long run if you work intelligently the results will come by themselves!”, Janna advises.

Janna is currently working on digitizing the company’s leasing business line. At this time their contracts are virtual but she wants to go beyond letting the tenant make the decision to buy/sell the property through a Proptech platform that they’re working on!

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