GYMPTOZ is a Fitness Brand Made For the Everyone: They Offer Clothing, Nutrition Products and Accessories

GYMPTOZ is a Fitness Brand Made For the Everyone: They Offer Clothing, Nutrition Products and Accessories

Pedro Meza and Emilio Born are the founders of GYMTOPZ, a brand that changed the fitness world. Around the year 2014, Pedro and his wife Dayana realized that in the fitness industry there was nothing in Spanish to help motivate athletes or people who were dedicated to fitness.

Pedro and his wife decided to initially create a clothing brand called GYMTOPZ. In the interim of finding an athlete to represent the brand they met Emilio Born, a fitness athlete in the competitive style who had great potential, who decided to be part of this project. 

Over the years they have become a brand that is no longer just about clothing but has diversified into a brand of accessories and nutrition products with which they have managed to get a community of more than five million followers in their different social platforms.

Pedro and Emilio’s business is mainly focused on people’s health, and to achieve that they offer high-quality products that help people to feed themselves in the best way as well as to train in a guided way taking into account the goal of each person. 

The misinformation that was around the fitness industry was the key factor that drove the creation of the GYMTOPZ brand. There was also the fact that there was no brand of products that would motivate people to exercise 

“There were many brands selling products that promised something unrealistic, people selling training programs that offered impossible results and simply THE LIE that has caused harm to people who want to do things right.” Pedro shares.

One of the biggest obstacles they had to overcome was moving to another country. Initially, the brand was conceived in Venezuela but due to security circumstances, they had to move to the United States.

“The United States is now our home and for which we are enormously grateful. Of course, we continued with the project but now practically from scratch. Our mission remained the same but the forms changed. This change definitely gave us an even bigger push to achieve our goals and it is something we are very grateful for to this day.” The co-founders say.

GYMTOPZ are different from their competitors as there is no other fitness brand that offers routines for free every day through the internet. Taking into account that none of the routines offered are repeated week after week, which ensures that it does not become monotonous and boring.

We create routines WEEKLY that are available to everyone on our online platforms like youtube for example, to date we already have more than 1,000 videos without having stopped for a week for over 2 years.” Pedro adds.

Another thing that makes the brand different from other fitness brands is the transparency with which the brand is managed. Something that identifies them  is that they do things with the utmost clarity and without deception.

We remain firm in our belief that the truth must come before the financial interests of any individual. The industry we are in is full of companies that only seek economic benefit over the benefit of the people and we are those who believe that you can create a big business but at the same time help the world to be better. We have a motto at GYMTOPZ and it is: “The only way to grow constantly is to help more and more people” and that is definitely something that makes us different from the rest.” The co-founders state.

In the near future, GYMTOPZ is focused on working on a new clothing collection that will be released next year. They also have some other undisclosed projects that they say will change the way people lñive their lives.

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