Futlov Sells Watches With the Mission To Help One Million Children By Giving Them Training Gear So They Enjoy The Sport

Futlov Sells Watches With the Mission To Help One Million Children By Giving Them Training Gear So They Enjoy The Sport

When the passion for something joins the desire to get ahead it is an unstoppable combination. Futlov is a social enterprise with the mission to help one million children by giving them soccer-related gear to enjoy the sport.

During a trip to Thailand, we passed through a remote village where there was a very small school. I noticed  3 kids playing football (soccer) barefoot and with a ball made out of cloth and full of knots. We bought them a used beat-up soccer ball at a market next door and had the time of our lives with them. They were really happy that they had a ball to play with.

Soccer is considered the king of sports and is one of the most-watched sports around the world. It can generate passion and inspiration, and in the process, it can also lead to make a difference in a kid’s life.

Futlov was founded as a co-purpose brand and combines the love for watches and the passion for soccer in expertly crafted watches with a donation program to help bring soccer equipment to those in need.

The motivation for founding the company came from the fact that the company founder Edwin Ruiz with a mechanical engineering background is a soccer fan and passionate about watches so it was that combination that inspired him to design and create a watch for soccer fans without breaking their bank account, and in so doing, change he disrupted the typical distribution model without distributors or retailers marking up the price 10X. 

The watches created by Futlov bring together soccer-inspired details in a subtle yet complementary design for true soccer fans. Among their main features are: 

  • Soccer-inspired design: With a unique strap and colored trim to draw attention, it represents a nice homage to the sport along with representing the your team’s colors; 
  • Quality craftsmanship: All materials used in each watch are of the highest quality available; Scratch resistant sapphire crystal, medical grade stainless steel, and a Japanese movement. 
  • Social Impact: The Futlov company is proud to partner with El Semillero in Ecuador and The Dreams Alive Foundation in Kenya on a 1to1GIVING program for those who cannot afford basic playing equipment. A piece of soccer equipment is given to a kid with the purchase of every watch.

Not only can children play soccer with the right equipment, but as part of the sport, they learn to be disciplined. It’s hard to find a better satisfaction than being able to give children items that their parents can’t afford.” Shares Edwin Ruiz, the founder of Futlov.

Futlov differentiates itself from its competitors because they are a new brand with a social commitment, they are very transparent, and that their customers are able to see their work to make a difference.

Our competitors are billion-dollar companies that have huge overheads with huge margins. In contrast, FUTLOV, with its low overhead and direct-to-consumer business model, can bring so much more to our mission.” Edwin explains.

One of the biggest hurdles that Futlov has overcome was launching its first product: the Pasadena 94 watch. Soon after, they were able to see people embrace the company’s mission.

I’m not going to lie. It’s scary when you invest in building a brand and buying inventory and it’s possible that people won’t buy your product. Through our mission and our marketing efforts to support our purpose. Our customers have seen firsthand how we started to make a difference and do what we said we would do.” Edwin says.

In the near future, Futlov will continue to come up with new products that customers request and that can have a greater impact on the long-term life of children in need. 

As we mature as a company, our idea of GIVING also matures, and we don’t just want to have a short-term impact on children, but a more lasting impact that can completely change their lives forever. This starts with EDUCATION.” Edwin states.

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