From Roots to Roofs: Sandra Amezquita's Viventa Embarks on a New Era with Unión Andina Merger

From Roots to Roofs: Sandra Amezquita's Viventa Embarks on a New Era with Unión Andina Merger

In a strategic move that brings in a new chapter in real estate for Colombians living overseas, Viventa, under the leadership of Sandra Amezquita, announces its merger with Unión Andina. This union amplifies Viventa’s mission of connecting Colombian immigrants with their heritage through home ownership and embodies Sandra’s relentless pursuit of empowering the Colombian diaspora. Viventa is set to transform the home buying and financing landscape, making dreams more accessible.

Sandra Amezquita’s journey with Viventa began with a simple yet profound realization at a housing fair in NYC organized by the Colombian Chamber of Construction in 2005. She noticed Colombians abroad keen to keep a real connection with their homeland. Driven by her personal experiences and challenges, including leveraging her own home for startup capital, Sandra has been the cornerstone of Viventa’s success. Today, her unwavering resolve and forward-thinking have made homeownership in Colombia accessible and secure for thousands, turning Viventa into a trusted name among Colombian immigrants.

Since its inception, Viventa has facilitated homeownership for over 20,000 families, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to its vision and purpose. The strategic merger with Unión Andina magnifies this mission, uniting two organizations dedicated to empowering the Colombian diaspora and the broader Latin American community. This alliance significantly broadens the reach and fortifies the determination to make homeownership more achievable for immigrants worldwide. This expansion is a deliberate move to extend Viventa’s impact, aiming to support Colombians, Ecuadorians, and, potentially, Mexicans abroad. Sandra Amezquita comments, “Joining forces with Unión Andina is a pivotal step in our journey to bring homeownership within the grasp of our community globally. It’s a testament to our dedication to making a significant, positive difference in the lives of our people, wherever they might be.”

Viventa, guided by Sandra’s leadership, has become synonymous with trust, security, and the dream of homeownership without borders. As premium partners with Bancolombia, Davivienda, and others, and through alliances with top construction companies, Viventa guarantees investment security, distinguishing itself as a trusted advisor in the overseas property investment landscape. 

The fusion of Viventa and Unión Andina ushers in many advancements, from broader access and enhanced technological platforms to significant socio-economic impacts. Sandra’s ambitious goal to positively influence the lives of 500,000 Latin American migrants by 2034 is a bold reflection of her vision to build not just homes but lasting legacies.

Join Sandra Amezquita and the Viventa team on a transformative journey toward making homeownership a reality for Colombians and other Latin Americans abroad. Explore the services offered by Viventa and see firsthand how they’re revolutionizing the future of homeownership. To learn more and to join their growing community, visit Viventa’s website.

Viventa, with its widespread presence in Spain, Miami, Madrid, New York, New Jersey, Bogotá, Medellín, and Manizales, is deeply connected to its community. The team at Viventa expresses gratitude for the trust placed in them and is eager to continue this journey, providing an even more robust and comprehensive range of services. Embrace the future with Viventa, where your home, future, and security are the top priorities.