Former Lawyer Kim DelMonico, Opens Up About Creating a Marketing Agency Specialized In Law Firms

Former Lawyer Kim DelMonico, Opens Up About Creating a Marketing Agency Specialized In Law Firms

Kim DelMonico is a fascinating woman. One of those people who are truly passionate about the work they put in. She is an experienced lawyer that fell in love with the marketing world. 

After two years in the Nevada Supreme Court as a law clerk, life put Kim in the way of digital marketing as soon as she left the Court. She entered a marketing agency as part of the in-house counsel team and ended up learning about business development, web design, and social media platforms. Kim was able to recognize a gap in the industry. 

“I saw the opportunity to do this when I realized that there was a huge need for social media marketing management for small businesses. My first clients were friends that owned small businesses and knew that social media was important, but didn’t have the time or knowledge needed to run their own accounts.” – Kim shares.

Her business, Be Influence, started small. In the beginning, she only offered services related to social media management. But the company hasn’t stopped growing. This is a secret known by all: sometimes it is better to start small and grow from there. It allows you to develop a deeper relationship with your field.

When Kim started her marketing agency she didn’t know that much about entrepreneurship or startups. She says it was hard to figure out all the many details involved in her business, in being responsible for everything. Part of the work as the head of the business was to decide what to specialize in. Since her first clients were related to her professional path in law, Kim decided to go that way and narrowed the focus to small or local law firms.

“We work with a lot of lawyers, law firms, and legal service providers creating website content, blogs, and social media posts. We’re able to do this so well because I’m a lawyer and so is one of my content creators. We are experts in the subject matter and are able to write about it in a way that is easy to understand for the general public. Some of our clients have mentioned that they love working with us because they trust our work product will be accurate.” – Kim explains.

She made her background and her previous experience something that would separate her from others doing the same, something that would make her work unique. Kim assures this is the foundation of her success. She and her team of experts want to help and know how to help. She says that whenever she is working for a client with a local service, she turns down the possibility of working with their competitors because she would not like to work with rivals.

For a person that is already successful, Kim still thinks of growth and innovation. She is currently working on a book that she hopes will be of help to those who want to learn the basics of social media. “Social Media Marketing: Learn Social Media in 10-20-30 Minutes D Day” is the title she has chosen for the practical guide. Her team is also studying the profile of future clients; Be Influence takes a lot of care in this process.

“Mindset is so important in starting a business. Almost 90% of businesses fail. That’s nine out of ten. You need to have the right mindset to be one of the 10% that succeed.” – Kim says.

For Kim, success has a particular definition for each individual. She says you have to work hard to run a successful business, and to make your projects what you want them to be. Be Influence shares this mindset with their clients, the vision is growth.