Eliana and Cecilia Motolo Are The Successful Entrepreneurs Who Are Positively Impacting The Lives Of Thousands of Women Through Their Online Community “Mujeres que Emprenden”

Eliana and Cecilia Motolo Are The Successful Entrepreneurs Who Are Positively Impacting The Lives Of Thousands of Women Through Their Online Community “Mujeres que Emprenden”

In today’s world, more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs. Whether starting their businesses from scratch or taking new challenges in an existing business, these women are making a difference.

Women entrepreneurs are also becoming increasingly important in the industry, as they have been actively contributing to economic development and job creation worldwide. The truth is that when women are at the forefront of entrepreneurship, innovation is enhanced, productivity surges, creativity expands and the economy ultimately grows.

That is why it is so important to promote the creation of spaces where women can learn, train and empower themselves so that they can enter the challenging, but satisfying, world of entrepreneurship.

This is when Eliana and Cecilia Motolo come in! They’re the founders of Mujeres que Emprenden, the most large and successful community of women entrepreneurs in Latin America. Eliana and Cecilia are sisters and pioneers in the world of online training, who have now established themselves as leaders in the industry while positively impacting the lives of thousands of people.

“The idea was born from the need to create a space for connection and learning, where different female entrepreneurs could improve their digital skills and dare to live what they are passionate about”, they explain.

Mujeres que Emprenden is an edutech specially designed for women that specializes in online courses on design, communication and digital marketing. The company was created 8 years ago with the main objective of helping women who are in an initial stage of entrepreneurship and need to consolidate both their business idea and their digital presence in order to be successful.

To date, in just 8 years they have already trained more than 400,000 women in Latin America and the United States with great success. Their courses are accessible, appropriate to the current market and very effective. 

But of course, not everything has been easy on Eliana and Cecilia’s path. Quite the opposite. Like all entrepreneurs, they faced the typical challenges of the market, even more so introducing such an innovative product in Latin American society.

“Accompanying our entrepreneurs during the pandemic was one of the biggest challenges we’ve overcome so far, but we learned a lot of it! During those two years we had more than 30,000 female entrepreneurs who had to transform their business model, because logically the market changed. However, we believe that resilience is part of entrepreneurial DNA so we were able to see first hand the transformation of many businesses that are successful today!”, they add.

Mujeres que Emprenden manages to stand out from the crowd because the platform’s courses are quite personalized and the entrepreneurs are offered support throughout the whole process. What’s more, all courses include a Red de Líderes de Meta certificate and the community is part of the TikTok talent group in education and allies in Canva!

As if that were not enough, the courses are adapted to the time availability of each user and can be done from anywhere in the world. Their professionals are experts and have extensive experience in their field, so all women can be sure that they are learning with some of the best mentors of the industry.

“For us, success is 100% related to the vocation we have to educate, help and encourage women who join and are part of our community of entrepreneurs. Seeing them grow, improve and evolve is priceless! We’re sisters and we try to transmit that same sense of belonging to our audience so that everyone feels that entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a lonely road”, Eliana and Cecilia share.

They’re currently planning to expand Mujeres que Emprenden internationally, so they’re working with many entrepreneurs from the US and Mexico who want to improve their digital skills in order to grow their business and build a strong online presence. Eliana and Cecilia are also focusing on building new alliances with large companies to be able to offer all women free training opportunities with some of the leading organizations in the online world.

Without a doubt, women are an instrumental part of entrepreneurship and will continue to lead change for years to come. Through their ingenuity, they bring with them economic growth, innovation, creativity, and productivity. They also inspire other women and individuals to become business owners.

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