Dayyor Gomez Is A Well-Renowned Artist Who Is Positively Impacting The Lives Of Thousands of People Through His Artworks

Dayyor Gomez Is A Well-Renowned Artist Who Is Positively Impacting The Lives Of Thousands of People Through His Artworks

Photo Credit: Julián Chacon @Juliantanaph

Dayyor Gomez is quite an amazing artist that specializes in abstract expressionism. He is based in Northern California and dedicates his entire life to art. In fact, Dayyor has a studio where he works between 10 and 12 hours a day, letting his creativity flow and creating beautiful artworks that are recognized all over the country.

He also runs his own brand where he sells art and merchandise from his online store. But that’s not all! Additionally, Dayyor is constantly creating close ties with his clients to help grow the art market worldwide and to create new trends, since part of his life mission is to raise awareness about the importance of investing in art.

“I did not find art, art found me! It showed me how happy I can be among paints, canvases and brushes. I have always wanted to motivate more and more people to create art and to leave a little bit of history in this world”, Dayyor explains.

Dayyor started in the art world more than 10 years ago. Now, he is dedicated to expressing himself and telling stories through his paintings. He is an extremely hard-working person who is fully committed to expressing feelings through color, textures, and stories!

“For me, transmitting emotions through art is the closest thing to magic. Art lets us capture much more than paint strokes. In art, everything has a meaning: the colors, the style, the shadows, the faces, the expressions, the places… everything has a unique meaning for each person”, Dayyor adds.

He has managed to make a name for himself in a market as competitive as the art one due to the high quality of his work and to all the emotions that his paintings express. Also, Dayyor does not believe that competition exists, for him all humans are unique and have something special to offer the industry.

“My only competition is myself from yesterday. I think if we focus on who we were yesterday and try to beat that person, sooner or later we will be great!”, Dayyor describes.

“I work very hard to create a close relationship with my clients. I like to exchange letters, share meals and spend quality time with people who are dedicated to art just like me”, he details.

One of Dayyor’s keys to success is to do what you love and to have a lot of discipline. If anyone combines these two factors it is very likely that they will be successful in business and in life! That was exactly what Dayyor did, and now he is a well-renowned artist who is inspiring thousands of people through art.

“I firmly believe my artworks make many people happy, and if I help at least one person to be motivated to paint, I believe that my purpose and life mission was successful”, Dayyor says.

For him, part of success is knowing who you really are and being able to enjoy all of life’s situations. It also means discovering what really motivates us and being totally free in our minds so we can express our feelings, thoughts and emotions with creativity.

“If you’re looking to start your own business or brand,  do what you like and do it every day. Sooner or later you will connect with the right audience! It is also important to be self-taught, search for courses, including YouTube videos, read in forums and post your ideas and thoughts”, Dayyor advises.

He has big goals and plans for this year, as he describes them below:

“I want to send one of my artworks to visit all the countries of the world and break a Guinness record. I also want to create art until my last day of life, to create and create without stopping. My goal is to dedicate my life to art.”

Without a doubt, Dayyor’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to artists, but to all of us. To find out more about his work, follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here