Darwin Chica is the Businessman and CEO of Special Lighting, a Company That Produces High-End Lights For the Automotive Sector

Darwin Chica is the Businessman and CEO of Special Lighting, a Company That Produces High-End Lights For the Automotive Sector

Darwin Chica is a businessman and CEO of Special Lighting, a company that is responsible for designing, producing, importing, and marketing through physical and digital channels, high-end lights for the automotive sector.

It may seem like a very traditional company, but the dynamics of markets and sales force us to remain constantly innovating. All this is necessary to always provide the best customer experience, not only with the product itself but also at the time of purchase and after-sales service,” Darwin says.

Darwin, who is also a professional airplane pilot, had met a large number of entrepreneurs who shared their business experiences with him while he worked as a pilot. By 2015, this had further awakened his desire to have his own company.

Although I can’t deny that the cockpit of an airplane is the best office view there is, the truth is that I felt I had other talents to exploit and skills to put into practice,” Darwin expresses.

Darwin felt that the vehicle lighting market lacked innovation, so he was motivated to start his business and launch a line of LED lights that use a high-power chip, which has helped people understand the benefits of LED technology.

The brand has had an organic growth and it is inevitable that those who use them recommend them to someone else. Customers have a very high level of satisfaction. We see this in reality because most of them repurchase our products.” Darwin states.

Today, Special Lighting manages to stand out from its competitors due to the quality of the products it sells and the constant innovation with which it can offer its customers the possibility of always having a new product of excellent quality that will last for many years.

When it comes to people thinking about starting their own business, Darwin recommends seeking out the help of a mentor whose experience can allow someone else to not repeat the same mistakes.

“Some challenges when starting a business include the fact that many people have high creativity and ingenuity, but they find it difficult to make an idea into something real, whether a product or a service.” Darwin explains, and adds “Making the idea work is quite a challenge, but it is not impossible if you have confidence in what you do and a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Additionally, most businesses usually have an explosive start, especially if it is about new things, but after a while, you see how sales drop and that’s where the real challenge is so it is important to build the business over time.”

In the future, Darwin is focused on sustainably growing his business as the leading brand in the automotive lighting sector supported by innovation, quality, and good customer experience. 

Special Lighting will continue to grow as the number #1 lighting brand in Colombia, while it continues to distribute its products and services in other markets including Mexico and the United States.

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