Damian Gatling, better known as DG Baggs, Is The Entrepreneur, Radio Host, Rapper & Songwriter Who Is Revolutionizing The Media Industry!

<strong>Damian Gatling, better known as DG Baggs, Is The Entrepreneur, Radio Host, Rapper & Songwriter Who Is Revolutionizing The Media Industry!</strong>

Damian Gatling, better known as DG Baggs, is an amazing entrepreneur, celebrity rep, radio host and personality. He runs a Radio Station called The Core 94 out of Houston, a PR and Management firm called DG BAGGS Management and last but not least, a women’s plus size clothing store called Summer Body Activated.

His success’ story is quite interesting. He was a guitarist, songwriter and rapper who started in the media to advance his music career. But life had other plans for him. The covid-19 pandemic suddenly happened and he was granted 100x the success from radio as an interviewer than he could have ever imagined as a rapper or entertainer.

He has grown  from artist, to co-host, to host, to the CEO of The Core 94 radio station in a very short time. Then he established his management and PR firm, called DG BAGGS Management and currently he represents high profile celebrities such as boxing champion Raquel “Pretty Beast” Miller, violinist Joy Black, opera singer Madelyn Brene’, influencer Faith Hill and many more!

Due to the pandemic, I was unable to properly promote my singles “Toxic” and ”Mama Mi A” . Fortunately, my career as radio host and interviewer exploded. From March 2020 till now, I’ve interviewed many celebrity athletes and entertainers from Lavar Ball, to Rose McGowan, J Prince, David Banner and more. The show is titled “The Quarantine Chronicles” on The Core 94”, Damian explains.

The truth is that the pandemic had a huge negative impact on the world in general, and on millions of people in particular. But, on the other hand, there were also thousands of people who knew how to take advantage of the crisis and saw a great business opportunity. Thanks to their bravery and courage, they managed to overcome and create successful and profitable businesses despite the crisis, because they used it as an impulse, and not as an obstacle. Damian Gatling was one of these people!

When I began my management firm DG Baggs Management, my mind was set on success at the highest level. From my experience and achievements with The Core 94 radio station, I learned that the key to success is mentality. You have to have the mindset that failure is not an option and the confidence to know that you can execute any plan you formulate through commitment,  focus and consistency”, he adds.

But of course, not everything has been easy on Damian’s path. He has faced many challenges. Quitting his 9-5 position was a tough decision to make, which is common for almost all entrepreneurs! Usually the transition is fraught with uncertainty, trial and error, but the results are totally worth it.

The rigid 9 to 5 schedule just doesn’t work for everyone. One of the best reasons for entrepreneurs to quit their jobs is that they will be able to make their own schedule, and work when it’s convenient for them. Also, their hard work is paying off directly for them! Getting out is the challenging part. But if they have made up their minds that they never want to work for a boss again, then they can choose to transition out. And that’s exactly what Damian did!

He really stands out in a very competitive and crowded sector because of the quality of his work. In addition, his music is unique and features timeless songs. The songs he sings are designed to have lyrics that anyone can listen to over and over again.

Amongst my partners, I’m referred to as “The Machine” due to my tireless working efforts. That along with my ability to communicate and execute detailed strategies is what separates me from my competition”, Damian details.

What’s more, he recently partnered with Shredskinz Sauna Suit as an official brand ambassador. Despite all the work that he has already done, he isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. Damian details his next steps below:

I’m currently working with violinist Joy Black for her upcoming “Joy Black & Friends” Tour, Trap opera singer Madelyn Brene’s  “The Moment” and “Slay in my lane” project, Boxing Champion Raquel “Pretty Beast” Miller reality show/upcoming fights, Female Battle Rapper Black Dyamond’s “The Queen of Compton” album, rereleasing women’s plus size clothing line “Summer Body Activated”, production for “The Quarantine Chronicles Animation”, production for Crystal Brickhouse’s “Judge Brickhouse Court” and Debut of Rose McGowan’s “Now You’re Here” remix ft DG Baggs.”

His live radio show airs every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm CEST on THECORE94.COM. Without a doubt, Damian’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to entrepreneurs, but to all of us. To find out more about him, follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.