CreditStephy Saw How Much Credit Could Make a Difference in People’s Lives, so She Decided to Make it Her Mission to Help Others.

CreditStephy Saw How Much Credit Could Make a Difference in People’s Lives, so She Decided to Make it Her Mission to Help Others.

Credit is, to many people, a riddle that they can never solve. It seems to go up and down without much understanding as to why it does that. Many people do not understand the rhyme and reason behind their credit scores. Stephanie Pedraza, better known as CreditStephy, set out to change that after she realized that many of the people in her own life didn’t understand their credit.

“Everything started in early 2019 when I saw that most of my friends were lacking of knowledge of credit I knew I had to do something about it, I would hate to hear when my friends and family would pay for unnecessary negative items from the credit report and still remain in their credit thinking that by paying off negative accounts would Benefit and increase their credit which is not the case. That’s when I decided to open up my credit repair company to help individuals and family members with those details. Here at platinum resolutions we remove Negative items from the credit report at a very fast pace, something that not everyone can do, this has made me very powerful and popular in the industry. The rest is History,” CreditStephy recounts.

However, not everything was easy for CreditStephy when starting her business. Though she had a great idea that she knew could help plenty of people, it took a bit for people to trust her with the sensitive information that went along with someone’s credit score. She had to rely on her knowledge and skills to help get over this difficult situation.

“One of the biggest obstacles I’ve overcome within the first year in the industry was getting on the phone with my clients and giving them accurate information based on their credit report because credit is  very delicate Information that could cause a lot of big problems. Thanks to my knowledge and long hours of studying credit,  it has made me overcome that obstacle and feel more confident as I speak to my future clients and current clients,” CreditStephy explains.

That obstacle aside, CreditStephy has had big success in helping people get their credit score under control and in a place where they can live. One thing that helped her get past that difficult moment in her career was her mindset. For CreditStephy, like for many other business people, having a good mindset to start off your day is crucial to your pathway to success.

“I knew before I launch this company that my mindset had to be at 200% your mindset is very crucial when you run a business your mind will take you to places you will never imagine, it is very hard to have a strong mindset when you start a business but you have to try your very best to maintain it at a very high level. I knew that my mind was the engine of my company and I had to take care of it very well. Remember no one else cares more for your business than yourself,” CreditStephy states.

With so much more left to do and many more people to help, CreditStephy has big plans for the new year. She details them below:

“One of my biggest projects for this year is having my students at the level that we are at Platinum Resolutions ASAP. I also have a meat market opening up summer 2022. It’s going to be a very unique meat market carrying and providing top-of-the-line beef, something you don’t see on a daily basis. I saw a huge potential since Houston really doesn’t have anything like it. This could be Houston’s next top trending business.”

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