Convention Breaking Entrepreneurs Samuel Barraza and Obed Dominguez Created One World Social Club to Launch a New Kind of NFT Market. Find Out More Below

Convention Breaking Entrepreneurs Samuel Barraza and Obed Dominguez Created One World Social Club to Launch a New Kind of NFT Market. Find Out More Below

NFTs are a term that gets thrown around a lot in the recent months. These non-fungible tokens have completely dominated the market and changed the art and technology world as we know it! However, many companies are taking the world of NFTs even further than most.

 One World Social Club is one such company that is using the power of the NFT to defy the traditional conventions of the technology world and much more. They are doing so by creating, what they call, the OWSC NFT.

“OWSC was created with the sole purpose of bridging the metaverse with the real world through the powerful and rising NFT market. We will not be just another number in the NFT market. We will be a generous project that will fill in those gaps of generosity in the human race by giving back to various non-profit organizations,” Obed and Samuel, the creators of OWSC, explain.

Obed and Samuel see their project at OWSC as a force for good. Both adamantly involved in the social welfare of the world, they wanted to shake up the NFT markets and the world in general by making an NFT collection that wasn’t about selling out and getting rich quickly unlike many others in the NFT world right now.

“There are many reasons that motivated us to start this business but the most important reason was being able to own a product (NFT) that is going to serve as the force for good. Too many times in the world we do things only about money and that’s what we think the NFT space has become. 

OWSC will change that because we are going to connect people through the power of OWSC NFTs and people who own it will know that money was donated to greater causes around the world,” Samuel and Obed detail.

Despite the passion for both Samuel and Obed that fueled their desire to get this business started, there were many obstacles in their path that tried to get in their way as they climbed toward success in the world of NFTs. The main one that they faced was the doubt that many people had towards their idea because of just how much it was breaking traditional conventions. However, thanks to their positive mindset and hardworking attitude, the co-founders were able to overcome this and reach their goal in the NFT world.

“The biggest obstacle we have overcome in our career is the lack of support from the mainstream ideology that NFTs should only be about making money. Mindset is key to starting any business. People don’t want to hear about your project if it doesn’t involve the word money in it. That is something we have overcome and will change in the NFT space,” Samuel and Obed remark.

After doing so much to change the reality of the NFT markets, Obed and Samuel aren’t slowing down any time soon. They have big plans for the near future and detail them below: 

“Our next project this year is our NFT collection, along with dropping our merchandise line up. We are taking things one step at a time but after we launch our collection we plan to grow not just in the NFT industry but also in the metaverse industry.”

To find out more about One World Social Club, Obed, Samuel, and the OWSC NFT, follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.