Chris Pace shows you how to scale your company’s sales FAST using story and technology at mas academy.

<strong>Chris Pace shows you how to scale your company’s sales FAST using story and technology at mas academy.</strong>

It is not easy to embark on an entrepreneurial journey and build a successful, thriving business. 

Everyone would do it if it was. 

But nothing is impossible; all an entrepreneur requires is determination, research, education, a desire to succeed, and, of course, a little help!

In that sense, mas academy is an online education platform that helps entrepreneurs at every stage, from business idea to “exit.” 

For years, they have been transforming business education all over the world, assisting over 1.5 million entrepreneurs and small business owners to scale their sales without pushy sales techniques.

Chris Pace, also known as Cris Urzua in the Spanish market, is the man behind this successful company. He is the academy’s founder and one of the most sought-after consultants in marketing, blockchain, and business strategy in New York City and all over Latin America. 

His main goal in life is to help his clients scale their sales using the power of technology and storytelling, which he has done successfully for many years.

His success story is fascinating. Chris spent eight years as a hotel sales and marketing manager before deciding to change careers and become an entrepreneur. 

During his corporate years, he observed that salespeople had poor aspirational models and relied on outdated sales methodologies that did not apply in the real world.

“If your icon in sales is a glorified criminal like many out there… What do you think you’re going to get? 

Hardcore closers that sometimes sell and always hurt your business long term because they don’t care about the client at the end of the day”

“I didn’t like this, so while working in hotels, I developed my own sales process that focused on one key aspect: providing excellent customer service throughout the sales process.” “I wanted to share that with the rest of the world,” Chris says.

The methodology used by the mas academy is tactical, accelerated, and practical. 

They do not believe in long courses that are a waste of time, but rather in micro lessons of practical and strategic knowledge. So far it seems their method is working as they’ve got over 70,321 active students and over $100,000,000 USD in extra sales generated by these students. 

Chris Pace stands out from the crowd because he and his team are the only ones teaching people how to sell through service and how to use blockchain technology in small business operations. 

He is also launching a new entrepreneur training program called “Untold Story“, in which they will teach entrepreneurs how to triple their sales in less than 6 months while also creating a powerful personal or enterprise brand through the power of story.

The power of story, in fact, is the most important tool in everyone’s arsenal. 

The power of a great story can have a massive effect on the audience if done well and correctly. It has the ability to inspire, enliven, and establish an instant rapport. It has the power to mobilize people and change lives. We started with a story. We’re going to tell a story. Is what binds us together and connects us. Storytelling is extremely effective.

Chris understands, however, that building a successful and profitable business or brand is not an easy task. As a result, he advises all entrepreneurs looking to start their own business: 

“First, you need one great offer, then you’ll need a solid sales strategy. Get proven models for both of these, then simply execute and repeat until perfect. That alone will bring you to seven figures per year.”

Of course, not everything in his journey has been easy. He has overcome many obstacles, including self-doubt and uncertainty.

He didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs, so it was an unknown path he had to take, and he constantly struggled with a need for approval, wanting to be liked, and wanting to play it safe. However, once he learned to dance with the obstacles, his business began to thrive, and the rest is history.

“Human beings have such a deep biological need for safety and approval that we unconsciously limit our potential.” 

“Once we get past those fears, everything else is just execution details,” Chris explains.

He has no intention of slowing down anytime soon! Chris and his team are on a mission to implement blockchain technology in all four of their businesses, demonstrating how it can be used by small and medium-sized businesses outside of the financial sector.

For more information on Chris Pace, visit his Instagram page here and the mas academy website here.