CHNC Offers the Latest Products, Services and Knowledge on Cannabis

CHNC Offers the Latest Products, Services and Knowledge on Cannabis

CHNC is a public integral company listed on the OTC Markets under the ticker symbol CHNC. It focuses on therapeutic clinical studies and the cannabis industry. With different enterprises and products, they all have education as their principal core and motivation. “Education creates new paradigms which transcend and aid to craft future generations”.

Aligned with this value, CHNC has 5 main projects:

  • The Pharmacology University, with more than 14 years of experience in educational systems focused on medicinal cannabis;
  • The Alpha Research Institute, which carries the principal clinical studies, particularly the therapeutic areas and clinical trials; 
  • The Alpha Academy of Science, which promotes education on topics such as cannabis in medicinal treatments; 
  • The Alpha Fertility and Sleep Center, which provides services in the treatment/therapy of sleep and fertility pathologies; 
  • And the Cannabis World Journals, a digital magazine that informs about the most relevant news of the cannabis industry.

“Welcome to change, welcome to the future, welcome to CHNC” is their motto. Three years ago, the Pharmacology University merged with CHNC to create the best of both worlds. Together, they combine clinical studies and research with education and consultancy in the industry of cannabis. Fifteen years ago, Dante Picazo, CHNC CEO, attended a cannabis seminar that allowed him to discover the needs of an industry that was battered by the lack of expertise in areas such as marketing, financial, systems, medical formulations, etc. needed by entrepreneurs to successfully get their endeavors to materialize, where he understood the relevance of evidence-based education, particularly in this industry, which was still a taboo topic at the time.

“Back then, my main motivation was to provide quality education to all those interested in the cannabis industry”. CHNC has a variety of experts in diverse areas to enrich its community and services, such as lawyers, doctors, scientists, chemists, horticulturalists, and patients.

Nowadays, CHNC provides seminars around the US and other countries as well. It also has developed 8 versions of a higher education certificate with the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, ICESI University and UTB University. Additionally, they have approximately 250 digital products like eBooks, online classes, among others. “Since we believe in education, we continue investigating and generating academic materials. Currently, we are the online school with the most learning resources about cannabis, in different languages and with scholarship options accessible to everyone”.

Katerin Osuna, Magister in Audiovisual Communications and Marketing, CHNC V.P of Operations, comments that adequate human capital is necessary to start a business. The commitment and determination of the company’s colleagues (what others call employees) helped CHNC overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Distinguished by their talent, productivity and their positive attitude, CHNC’s human capital comes from different countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S., etc.

CHNC provides academic products of all cannabis related areas: industrial, medicinal, environmental, legal, research, and more. They are all available in 5 languages in more than 30 e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Google Books, Kobe, Simpla, Barnes & Noble, etc. You can learn more about CHNC and how they are educating the world on cannabis here.In the future, CHNC hopes cannabis becomes a national affair with federal legislation decriminalizing it in the U.S. which would increase its reach even more. For now, it continues investigating medicinal solutions, product manufacture and updates in the industry that could be beneficial for many people around the globe.