Bringing the Holistic Powers of Hemp to the Community - How Khiry Morgan’s Woke Organics is Changing the Way we Smoke

Bringing the Holistic Powers of Hemp to the Community - How Khiry Morgan’s Woke Organics is Changing the Way we Smoke

In a world consumed by gang violence and drug abuse, entrepreneur Khiry Morgan has always strived to stand out for the change he can create in his community. Raised in Racine, Wisconsin – at one time the unsolved murder capital of the United States – Khiry saw firsthand how big-city gangs and the violence they brought were tearing his community apart. Khiry set his mind on changing those destructive patterns and building back a healthier way of living for his community. With that goal firmly planted in his mind, Khiry began building Woke Organics, LLC, providing a healthier alternative for future generations in his community and beyond. 

“Woke Organics, LLC is all about promoting a holistic lifestyle,” shares Khiry. “We cater to individuals who are aware or want to become conscious about their health and habits. Our products include all natural spring water locally sourced in Blue Ridge, in North Georgia, where the 600-foot Amicalola Falls acts as a natural purification epicenter for our water. My hope with this brand is to promote users to gather from all walks of life to share their experiences and settle their cultural differences.”

Khiry’s drive to change his community and world is about more than just spring water, however. After years of cigarette-smoking, Khiry’s father passed away suddenly from lung cancer; a loss that tore into the heart of the Morgan family. With his father’s death fresh on his mind, Khiry knew that something had to change within both himself and his community. Plenty of other members of Khiry’s family also smoked, and Khiry was determined to give them a healthier alternative to the cigarettes that had taken his father’s life.

“After my father’s passing in November 2020, seven months later we launched our all-natural spring water, locally sourced in GA, where I currently live. I personally believe that in the Black community, influencers tend to partner with alcohol brands that do not necessarily cater to the longevity of our community and its members. Alcohol and tobacco have a huge role to play in the heart disease and cancer affecting African Americans. I knew that Woke Organics would be a solution not only to my family, but also for consumers worldwide.”

As a creative at heart, Khiry also runs his own videography and design business, catering to some of the country’s biggest name-brand television programs. A huge part of the young entrepreneur’s creative inspiration also comes from an earlier interview with Snoop Dogg for the TVOne documentary “Uncensored.” Hearing the grit and determination that went into Snoop’s own creative process and the creative force behind the famous rapper inspired Khiry to invest in his own lifestyle brand.

“Mindset is the key to entrepreneurship,” Khiry asserts, “being headstrong on the days when your business is just starting and learning to improvise when things don’t go as planned is how you get ahead. I took a long series of losses when first starting up, but I treated each one as a lesson to be had rather than a failure. It can be mentally draining when you first confront the challenges of entrepreneurship, but with a solid backing and determination on your plan in life, you can overcome anything.”

 Moving forward, Khiry plans to work on building more companies within Woke Organics’ mission, while finding ways to expand his brand via social media marketing and influencers. His deep expertise in film and entertainment will certainly come in use creating ads and content for his company, while keeping the process in-house. Finally, Khiry is giving back to the community with friends and family members through community service and charity work. With some luck and a whole lot of determination, there is little doubt that this entrepreneur will have a lasting impact on his community for decades to come.

You can find more information on Instagram (@khiry_17).