Bnefit,  The Disruptive Fintech Company, Performs Its First Anniversary with a Convention in Medellín with Great Speakers & A Special Guest 

Bnefit,  The Disruptive Fintech Company, Performs Its First Anniversary with a Convention in Medellín with Great Speakers & A Special Guest 

The “Times of Change ” Summit 2022 took place in the Intercontinental Hotel in Medellín, Colombia the past June 26th to celebrate Bnefit’s last year’s journey. More than 10 countries from Latin America and Europe assisted in the event. Bnefit Global Corp’s different speakers were the Chairmen of the company: Carlos Carvajal, Carlos Camarena, Carles Samper, Andrés Navarrete, Mauro Poblete and Felipe Soto.

Bnefit Global Corp is a disruptive Fintech company with six business verticals called planets: Academy, Invest, Coin, Wolfe Planet NFT, Mining and Travel. It has been able to create a community of more than 6,000 associates who have been transforming their lives and achieving their business dreams. 

Juan Diego Gómez was invited as a special guest. He is a pioneer of Internet investments in Latin America, international speaker and personal finances coach. He talked about Quantum Leaps 2.0. Juan Diego is relevant to the fintech world; he’s had conferences with Robert Kiyosaki, Vicente Fox, Camilo Cruz, Javier Milei, Robin Sharma and soon with Jordan Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wallstreet. At the event, Juan Diego Gomez also known as @invertirmejor , got the official delivery of his NFT of the first collection of Wolfe Planet. 

The 2022 Summit is Bnefit’s first official convention. It served as a gathering place to learn the training and team  building of the company. Attendees enjoyed learning, taking in knowledge, good food, drinks, culture and music, and also the attendees enjoyed exclusive promotions.     

Bnefit’s “Times of Change” took place to celebrate its first anniversary. The celebration was accompanied by a cultural dancing show of the different regions of Colombia. Attendees joined the vallenato party where all ranks of the company were awarded.

Apart from the music and enchantment, the event had Bnefit’s Chairmen with different presentations. The CEO Aldo López also had his time in the summit for a motivational speech and recounting the Bnefit’s journey this last year. 

“Bnefit’s mission is to create a parallel universe with its own economy based in their currency with an ecosystem through which people can access investment products and unique compensation plans”, says the CEO, Aldo.

Based in Dubai, Bnefit offers products and services in the world of crypto assets, digital marketing and investment. It also offers financial education services on digital business, alternative finances and more.

The team behind Bnefit is motivated by two things: 1) knowing that money as we currently know it will disappear, giving way to more digital assets; and 2) their desire to help others access financial education.

“We wanted to create a decentralized platform where everyone has access to financial education, regardless of color, nationality or social status. The challenge will be huge. We aspire to impact a million people in the first year and thus be able to give access to new technologies to millions of people”, shares Aldo López, the CEO.

After assisting at many events to present their ideas, Bnefit carried out its first own conference with success. The future will only hold more of this for this company and its highly capacitated team. You can learn more about Bnefit’s services and next events here.