Be Inspired By Heinz Kaegi – This Story Is The Sign You’ve Been Waiting For To Start Your Entrepreneurial Career

Be Inspired By Heinz Kaegi – This Story Is The Sign You’ve Been Waiting For To Start Your Entrepreneurial Career

Heinz Kaegi, is a Swiss Executive Mentor, Speaker, and Best Selling Author, who led a career in management for years, but always had a voice in the back of his head telling him that he wanted more. For a long time, he had the desire to become an entrepreneur, but was held back by fear. Later on in his life, Heinz decided to take a leap of faith and set on the path to become an entrepreneur. With over a decade of corporate c-level experience, Heinz set out to change the way managers lead themselves and their teams. From starting his business in his home country, Heinz has expanded internationally and does business on both the American and European continents. He is the founder of Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd., which has emerged from the emPowerment Group Ltd, established at the beginning of this century. 

Choosing the path of entrepreneurship over staying at a corporate job that he was comfortable at was not an easy decision, but it has been the best decision he has ever made. This decision came with a lot of retrospection, which allowed Heinz to finally take his stand and clear his path into becoming the entrepreneur who he felt to be deep down inside. What he did not know at that time was that years after his choice to follow his guts, he would finally come to grips and fully understand that the perceived stumbling block of that time had already become this beautifully orchestrated building block allowing him to thrive on his own path of purpose.    

If it weren’t for this decision to become an entrepreneur, Heinz wouldn’t have impacted many thousand leaders around the globe he has as a mentor & coach. In order to do this, Heinz had to face the painful truth in the respective areas of his life and do the inner work, learn the lessons, and grow in awareness and capability. 

“Fear is a negative emotion that limits us in many aspects of our prospering in Life,” shares Heinz. 

It is never too late to change careers, or for that matter, change your life. Many people have a false idea that the peak of your life needs to be early on, but that is rarely true. It takes time to learn and grow, and all the experiences you have throughout the years will serve as a pathway to your destiny. If you’ve been thinking of changing your career, if you have that burning sensation inside of you telling you you’re destined for more, let this serve as your sign to take the leap and as an example of what you can achieve. You’ve waited long enough and your time is now!

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