Balloon Art and Entrepreneurship: How the Nieves Sisters Built a Community of #DecoLovers and Transformed Their Passion into a Successful Business

Balloon Art and Entrepreneurship: How the Nieves Sisters Built a Community of #DecoLovers and Transformed Their Passion into a Successful Business

Genesis Nieves and Iravid Nieves are the founders and CEOs of Decoraciones Globos and Decolovers Institute in Miami. Both sisters have revolutionized the balloon industry thanks to their artistry and ability to create high-impact artistic compositions. 

The #DecoLovers community, created by them, is characterized by their fun, optimistic, innovative, authentic spirit and desire to constantly improve themselves with honest, high-quality work.

Their most recent project is the Balloon Designer Institute, an educational program approved by the Florida Department of Education that seeks to specialize people who wish to study the art of balloon decorations. 

Thanks to this program, the profession gains valid academic recognition. The Nieves sisters have proven that with perseverance, determination, and passion, it is possible to achieve success in any industry and motivate others to achieve their dreams.

“At Decoraciones Globos, we always focus on providing high-quality service and personalized attention to each of their clients. We listen carefully to their needs and desires so that we can provide them with a service that exceeds their expectations. In addition, we always make sure to use the best materials and tools available in the market to guarantee the quality and durability of our products.” Genesis and Iravid share.

They also offer training and resources to their customers to help them expand and improve their own businesses in the balloon decorations industry. 

We believe that by helping our customers succeed, we are also strengthening our own community and the marketplace as a whole.” The Nieves sisters say.

The Nieves sisters’ hard work and dedication have paid off throughout their more than 10 years in the industry, as evidenced by their winning a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest balloon phrase.

This achievement was the result of hard work as a team and a great dedication to our art.” The Nieves sisters comment.

They were awarded Latin Entrepreneur in USA 2020 and created the documentary “My Sister.” This documentary tells the story of the lives of Genesis and Iravid as sisters and entrepreneurs, and how we have managed to overcome obstacles and achieve success together.

Genesis and Iravid started their business back in Caracas, Venezuela, where they are from in 2012. Ever since, the Nieves sisters have gained international recognition for having revolutionized the balloon industry, which has allowed them to consolidate the #DecoLovers community, where the fun, optimistic, innovative spirit of genuine authenticity and the desire to excel with constant and honest work of the highest quality of execution is concentrated.

For the Nieves sisters, success is not only measured by recognition but by the happiness, they get from doing what they love. Thanks to their more than 10 years of trajectory, they have achieved success in their Caracas and Miami locations.

In the future, the Nieves sisters plan to continue to expand their presence in the balloon decorating industry and offer more training and educational opportunities to their entire community of DecoLovers.

In addition, the Nieves sisters now run the Decolovers Institute approved by the Florida Department of Education, which will serve to specialize people who wish to study the art of balloon decorations through an educational program called Balloon Designer. 

This is a great blessing because through this diploma our profession finally gets valid academic recognition.” The Nieves sisters add.

They are also working on developing new innovative products and services that will allow them to stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving industry, while continuing to provide high-quality services to many people including celebrities such as Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee, Gente De Zona, Shannon De Lima, and others.   

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