Avocado’s Food is a Growing Food Store Business That Offers a Variety of Products Based Off Avocado: Find Out How You Could Open Your Own Stall

Avocado’s Food is a Growing Food Store Business That Offers a Variety of Products Based Off Avocado: Find Out How You Could Open Your Own Stall

Food is a necessary good for the subsistence of all people. We have been told that a balanced diet is essential to be healthy and live better longer. But food has also been changing over time and it has been thanks to the countless chefs who with their knowledge have managed to innovate the culinary world.

One of the most renowned food products among many others is the avocado, also known in other latitudes as “aguacate.” The avocado is an integral part of Mexican cuisine and Latin America.

Carlos Chaibub is the founder and CEO of Avocado’s Food, which since 2018 has focused on creating healthy and above all fresh food made with avocado. Since its launch, Avocado’s Food has become everyone’s favorite choice at its five locations located in Pembroke Pines, Kendall, Sawgrass Mills, Coral Springs, and Boca Raton, in Florida, and one in Dallas, Texas.

One year after launching, people would look for us to get their guacamole. We started making freshly made to order guacamole and it became the favorite snack for shoppers.” Carlos explains.

Avocado’s Food offers a variety of products besides guacamole, from avocado toasts, to sandwiches. All of these are healthy food options that can be made-to-order.

Avocado’s Food was created with the idea of presenting a unique brand that everyone loves and at the same time associating the brand with the avocado, which is an extraordinary fruit with great versatility in the kitchen and very healthy because it offers many health benefits. 

Avocado’s Food is the place where happiness can be shared with friends and family bite after bite of the delicious and different options they have to offer. Not only can people visit the stores, they can also order catering from it.

An important aspect of Avocado’s Food offering is that its organic menu is full of surprises and satisfies with fresh ingredients, plant-based products that look amazing and taste even better. This is perfect for snacking, bigger meals, and parties.

We also cater to individual dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, paleo, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free.” Carlos adds.

The Avocado’s Food brand has become a successful business model and an excellent opportunity for all those people who want to undertake within the food industry with their own Avocado Food stall.

We are offering the franchise of our business model, with a low investment you can be part of our brand in the USA.” Carlos announces, explaining how they plan to further expand the brand and grow.

With this in mind, Avocado’s Food is expecting to open more stores in Florida and Texas, as well as in Latino areas of the United States such as Los Angeles and New York City. 

If you want to know more about Avocado’s Food or open your own stall click here.