Are You Tired Of Being Unhappy In Love? Diana Pardo, The Colombian Psychologist, Writer & Speaker Will Help You Build  A Healthy Relationship

Are You Tired Of Being Unhappy In Love? Diana Pardo, The Colombian Psychologist, Writer & Speaker Will Help You Build  A Healthy Relationship

There are many reasons why couples go to therapy. Sometimes it’s to deal with something in the past, to deal with something presently going on or to prepare for the future. Whatever reason you and your partner have to go to therapy, just know it is the right step.

With the help of therapists like Diana Pardo, couples can learn how to manage conflict, improve their bond and create healthier communication habits. Research shows that the positive outcomes of couples counseling can last for years after therapy ceases.

In that context, Diana is a Colombian psychologist specialized in couples therapy and sexual therapy, as well as a successful writer with over two decades of experience. Diana has a strong online presence, through diverse platforms she gives many virtual conferences and courses, with which she has helped heal hundreds of relationships!

“It all started because I wanted to help children have happy childhoods and to eradicate relationship problems and for that I had to work with parents and teach them to build healthy and happy relationships”, she explains.

Fifteen years ago she decided to become independent, provide psychological services on her own and create her personal brand, which today identifies her widely.

“Over the years I have acquired all the experience and knowledge to be able to guide couples quickly and effectively. I’m an expert in the field! I have built my own method that provides solutions to couple’s problems. I’m also punctual and precise and I give unique solutions to my clients, that’s what sets me apart”, Diana adds.

Her great professional trajectory has allowed her to identify and discover why people cheat in their relationships and how they can overcome it, as well as what are the main bases for building healthy relationships. With all this information she created all her conferences, which she plans to expand internationally to help couples from all over the world.

Diana offers individual therapies, couples therapies and online therapies, through which she helps hundreds of people of all genders to improve their relationships and generates a positive impact on society by achieving happy, healthy homes, where love and respect abound.

In her sessions, Diana focuses first on identifying the patient’s problem, then on starting a conversation, next she analyzes the situation and finally finds the solution. Each testimonial from her satisfied patients is what motivates her to work daily with passion, commitment and professionalism.

“The greatest reward for my work is that my patients achieve the life they dream of. That motivates me daily and drives me to be better every day at what I do”, Diana comments.

She is currently working on expanding her conferences internationally, so stay tuned for all her future plans!

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