Anthony Garcia, Founder Of The Catapulting Commissions Company, Is Equipping Entrepreneurs With All The Skills Necessary For Achieving Growth In Today's Market!

Anthony Garcia, Founder Of The Catapulting Commissions Company, Is Equipping Entrepreneurs With All The Skills Necessary For Achieving Growth In Today's Market!

In today’s competitive business environment, gaining (and maintaining) a competitive advantage is challenging. In that sense, more sales means a bigger bottom line. Yet, more than 60% of salespeople say selling is harder or much harder today than it was five years ago.

Sales training is one of the most important competitive advantages you can have. Investing in ongoing training will ensure your sales team can shine as confident skilled professionals who close deals. Investing in sales training helps you stay competitive, empowers your team, provides better support for customers, and wins business — it can produce strong salespeople that will continue to deliver ongoing value for your business and grow your client base. It will deliver value that differentiates you in the market and elevates your business!

Here is when Anthony Garcia comes in! He is an expert in sales training, recruiting, goal achievement and motivating business leaders to peak performance.  With nearly two decades of experience, Anthony has achieved top accolades in direct sales, business-to-business sales, and medical sales.

He is also the author of the international Best-Selling Book Catapulting Commissions, which was recognized by Selling Power Magazine as one of the best sales books to read. In addition, Anthony runs Catapulting Commissions Inc.

a successful company where he offers specialized services to small business owners who need access to premier training and development programs that help them maximize their success. 

“After years of experience with ambitious entrepreneurs, I noticed a lack in their sales training capabilities. As such, it became clear to me that small businesses needed access to powerful and relevant resources – my vision was born: an effective program tailored specifically for small business owners so they can bring home the same quality results as major corporations!”, Anthony shares.

He is truly passionate about helping others reach their full potential, and his work in sales has enabled him to do just that! In fact, seeing how much individuals can grow when they are given the proper tools and resources has left him feeling empowered to pass on his extensive knowledge and experience.

“My passion for sales training also stemmed from wanting to give back to others as a way of honoring my family’s legacy. Growing up, I was taught important values such as ambition, persistence, and hard work. My ultimate goal is to use the lessons I’ve learned to help others achieve their dreams, and what better way than through sales training?”, he adds.

He and his company manages to stand out from other similar business because their sales training is based on real-world data and life experiences that Anthony has gathered over two decades of successful sales across three different industries. What’s more, they stay up to date with current consumer trends, constantly examining their teaching methods to make sure they take into account how buyers think today!

Their program also includes specific guidance on how to use metrics and customer feedback to inform sales decisions, as well as providing detailed case studies that demonstrate best practices in action. But that’s not all! Additionally, they provide customized solutions for each client’s specific needs.

Anthony is a multifaceted entrepreneur, who seeks to help people through all possible platforms. He is the host of the Catapulting Commissions podcast where he discusses the complacency that robs people of their full potential and interviews some of the world’s top sales performers and entrepreneurs.  Through his podcast and videos on YouTube, he provides valuable tips, tricks and strategies for closing deals faster. In addition to being free of charge, this content is designed to be entertaining as well as informative, as it should be.

“My YouTube channel also provides instructional video lessons ranging from how to craft better emails to how to use storytelling when presenting in conferences. If you’re looking for an engaging learning experience with real-world advice, I’m your go-to resource for sales success!”, Anthony details.

He can help everybody take their sales to the next level through different ways: he offers keynote speaking and workshops, business consulting services and he manages The Catapulting Commissions Academy, an application-only community that is focused on developing a better life by developing a better you.

Anthony’s thoughts and opinions have been featured in Forbes, Selling Power, CNBC, FOX, and CBS. He has gone on to coach and mentor hundreds of top-performing sales professionals whose accolades have been national rep of the year, rookie of the year, and hall of fame. 

Despite all the work that he has already done, Anthony isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. He describes his next steps below:

“Next year, my business projects are directed towards the development of an online learning system and community with the Catapulting Commissions Academy. Additionally, we will be expanding our range of sales workshops. Our goal is to empower sales teams with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, while developing strong links between teachers, students and industry professionals. As such, we look forward to reaching out to entrepreneurs across the world and helping them take their businesses to new heights!”

Without a doubt, Anthony’s story is a source of hard work and inspiration not only to entrepreneurs and coaches, but to all of us! To find out more about him, check out his website here and follow him on his Instagram page here.