Andrades Kennel, Also Known As The King Of Merles, Is a Successful Dog Breeding Company Where Dogs Are Raised With Love & Respect. Learn More Here!

Andrades Kennel, Also Known As The King Of Merles, Is a Successful Dog Breeding Company Where Dogs Are Raised With Love & Respect. Learn More Here!

Dog breeding is the vocation of mating carefully selected specimens of the same breed to reproduce specific, consistently replicable qualities and characteristics. But, in practice, it is much more than that! Responsible breeding involves the mating of only healthy animals true to their breed. Breeding is time-consuming and requires great research, proper preparation, and choosing the best possible forever homes for puppies. Dog breeding is a way of genetic selection to specific breed standards, which means that dog breeders must have a certain knowledge of the dog’s genetics as well. 

Responsible breeders will always do their best to improve the health condition of the puppies through breeding, and never compromise health! They also provide their dogs with quality food, clean water, proper shelter, exercise, socialization and professional veterinary care. They keep dogs clean and well-groomed. Good breeders raise dogs intended to be pets in a home environment by safely handling puppies daily and socializing puppies with other dogs and people of appropriate ages.

In that context, Andrades Kennel is an American bully dog breeder with more than 20 years of experience. The head of this successful business is Juan Carlos Fuentes Andrade and the company specializes in exotic colors since they are pioneers in the merle gene. In fact, they were the initiators worldwide of this gene in the breed!

What’s more, their priority is to produce healthy and balanced dogs, as well as to choose the most adequate and responsible families for their puppies.

“We do not seek the excessive reproduction of the race since we are totally against the irresponsible breeding of animals, we seek that our specimens are not sold to reproduce. We have exported dogs practically all over the world and we are a benchmark at the world American bully breed”, Juan Carlos explains.

Since he was a child, Juan Carlos has deeply loved dogs and this motivated him to start his successful business. Andrades Kennel is working to make a difference in the dog breeding industry, they not only sell excellent quality dogs but they also educate the new puppy owners to treat their pets with all the love and respect they deserve. 

“Unfortunately, nowadays dog breeding has a bad reputation. The true problem is not responsible pet breeding, but the little knowledge that exists about this practice in many countries. There is a general lack of education, in which respect for animals and all their rights are not inculcated. We want to change that!”, he adds.

At present, Juan has retired from all his businesses and dedicates himself fully to raising dogs. He and his business manage to stand out from the crowd because dogs are their passion. They take care of them and raise them with love, and that is why they offer exceptional results. At Andrades Kennel all team members treat all puppies with respect, education and affection, and they teach all their clients to do the same.

“I am the king of the merles and I want to be the best dog breeder in the world, that’s my goal!”, Juan shares.

He is stepping into 2023 with big goals and aspirations, as he describes them below:

“I want to create other facilities in different countries, start an online product store for pets and also to launch a clothing brand with animal designs.”

To find out more about Andrades Kennel, check out their website here. You can also follow them on Instagram here.