Wlaminca Fitness Kicks Off The First Ever Kettlebell Training Tour. Learn More Below

Wlaminca Fitness Kicks Off The First Ever Kettlebell Training Tour. Learn More Below

When the world went virtual, some of the most affected areas of life were gyms. Suddenly the place where many people went to get a work out, find community, or get away from the house was taken away. Many people and businesses had to adapt in order to meet the needs of a new kind of world.

Wlaminca Fitness was one of these businesses that found themselves needing to change course when the pandemic hit as well, but thankfully, their community and inventiveness helped them adjust quickly.

Wlaminca fitness is a kettlebell supplier & kettlebell training company operating out of Miami Beach, FL since 2019. On January 16, 2021 they hosted their first kettlebell event on a floating platform in the water in Miami, Florida. For a year and three months, they hosted events locally in places such as The Wharf, The Clevelander, Blue Space, Ocean Drive, and Lincoln Road.

The company’s main focus was to provide top of the line personal training to high performing individuals. They focused on strength training using tools like the barbell, dumbbells, cables and kettlebells. In 2020, when the world pandemic hit, gyms were forced to close and all training sessions turned into house calls or virtual sessions.

However, after two and a half years of pandemic, they are taking their business to the next level by taking their business on the road. To complete this task, Wlaminca Fitness got what they like to call “The Kettlebell Mobile”, a sprinter van wrapped in pink and teal, their company colors, and equipped with the ability to transport 1500 lbs of kettlebells to host kettlebell events.

The tour recently kicked off on April 30th in Coral Gables, FL with coach Lyle Mccombs. From there, the tour will cover four different states and 9 different cities throughout the East Coast and Ohio. 

Including Fort Lauderdale, FL with Coach Becky Ascione May 7th at The Fitz Bar and Lounge. Boyton Beach, FL with Coaches Jason and Stephanie Santana May 14th. Orlando, FL with “The Crazy Trainer” Jared Cardona and “The Kettlebell Queen” Nichole Gallaghr May 21st at the Sky Lounge at Amway Center. Hollywood, FL with Coach Isaac Miranda May 28 at Core Fitness Training. Atlanta, GA with Coach Amber Williamson June 11 . Cleveland, OH with Coach Amanda Hudock June 18. New York City with Coach Wendell Galdamez June 25 at Central Park. The grand finale will bring us back to Miami Beach, FL with Wlaminca FItness Coach Ashlee Partin, Brian Escobar, and Wlaminca Fitness founder Wladimir Salas July 2 in Ocean Drive South Beach.

The goal of these events and the entire tour is to bring true kettlebell training to as many people as possible while showcasing their new line of kettlebells.

The founder and owner Wladimir Salas started off his business as a personal training business, but their new niche in the kettlebell fitness industry has led them to be one of the top locations for kettlebell athletes around the country.

“We started as a personal training company & quickly switched over to a kettlebell training company, manufacturing our own kettlebells & hosting kettlebell training events when the world pandemic hit in 2020,” Wladimir states.

To find out more about Wlaminca fitness as they travel around the country and when they may be in your city call 1-855-6-GETBELLS or follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.