With the Odds Stacked Against Her, Samantha Nash Didn’t Think She Was Going to Succeed in Life. Then a Chance Encounter Changed Everything.

With the Odds Stacked Against Her, Samantha Nash Didn’t Think She Was Going to Succeed in Life. Then a Chance Encounter Changed Everything.

Sometimes a chance encounter can change everything in our lives. Whether it is meeting someone who inspires us or making a connection that leads you to something bigger, a connection can lead us down a path we didn’t expect. Samantha Nash had one of these chance encounters in her life and it changed everything for her future.

“I met a guy one night while I was working. He was bragging about how much money he was making and that I would do good in that business after seeing how good I was doing in the business I was in. I thought about it and saw him again two months later and started doing mortgages right after,” Samantha explains.

Without this moment, things may have turned out very differently for Samantha. She had a very difficult start to her life that was leading her down a particular path due to a lack of family structure early on.

“I was born on the westside of Atlanta with no mom or no dad. My hopes of making it out were slim to none. My brothers and I were separated. I found my way through and became a real estate investor,” Samantha recounts.

Now as a full time real estate investor and mentor to others, she is excited to be helping more and more people herself. Samantha sees a lot of power and opportunity in the real estate business that she loves sharing with others so that they too have the opportunity to make the kind of money and difference that she gets day in and day out.

“I was inspired to get into this by the effect that I can have helping others and the ability to employ and build with others. I love the wonderful transformation that can be done to a house and it can become something completely different. I have a passion for real estate. I have knowledge in every aspect of the business from mortgages, investments, selling, buying, and the ability to talk to people,” Samantha says.

Samantha’s advice to others trying to follow in her footsteps is simple: they need to have a strong mind and good resolve even when faced with large obstacles.

“It is very important to be the motivation, counselor, friend, family, advisor, hard worker and supervisor to both yourself and others. Success means everything! My goal is to develop a legacy for my kids and their kids,” Samantha advises.

Her goals for the new year, in addition to growing her own success, Samantha is trying to create and spread her success to lots of other people as well by hiring more people to grow her business.

“My goal is to hire more agents, build a brand to bring people in so they can get a clear understanding of what I can do to help them to achieve the goals, and help them to scratch one of the do’s off the bucket list,” Samantha details.

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