With the Investment Fund Smart Wealth, Entrepreneur and Businessman Edhin Alvarado is Diversifying His Clients’ Income

<strong>With the Investment Fund Smart Wealth, Entrepreneur and Businessman Edhin Alvarado is Diversifying His Clients’ Income</strong>

Edhin Alvarado is a serial entrepreneur and business tycoon, mentor and the founder of Smart Wealth, an investment fund that focuses on diversifying his clients’ income with financial algorithms.

Edhin started his journey as an entrepreneur after finishing school at the age of 17. Back then, he understood that the average person of his generation would end up financially worse off than their parents. 

That’s when he decided to dedicate himself to teaching people how to earn money on their own without having to rely on a job. 

I understand that if I give them the right knowledge, the right strategy, and teach them how to use the right tools to create wealth everyone is going to secure their financial future.” Edhin shares.

Since he was young, Edhin understood that everyone wants to get ahead and have a better life, but did not have the right strategies, mindset, and tools to do so and without them, it is almost impossible to create or achieve something great in life. 

Following his own strategy, by the age of 18 Edhin had already generated his first five figures in dollars. By the age of 20, he had reached his first six figures, and eventually by the age of 25, he reached seven figures.

On his road to success, Edhin had to train his mind to always focus on what he wants and understand that along the way there are always ups and downs but not letting negativity defeat you is the important thing.

Every business has ups and downs and there are good days and bad days. I never focus on negativity. I spent 15 years conditioning my mind every day to make it see what I want it to see.” Edhin explains.

According to Edhin’s experience, the engine of a business is a mental process which equals 80%, and the remaining 20% is related to mechanical processes. That is why it is very important to train the mind and always focus on the positive things. 

You just have to condition your mindset in the right way and find the right mentors and emulate them.” He adds.

Despite the success he has achieved so far, Edhin has faced several obstacles in his way. One of the biggest hurdles was the fact that when he joined the entrepreneurship venture, no one in his family believed in what he could do and that he would be able to make it happen. 

However, Edhin did not let that paralyze him or stop him and used that rejection as fuel in his favor to make things happen at whatever cost. This mindset, of not stopping, is something that makes Edhin stand out from others.

My greatest asset is my mind so I make the biggest investment in it. I am very observant. I would say that is my greatest quality. I observe, copy, and improve it is something that comes in me and is in my genetics.” Edhin states.

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