What Does it Take For an Organization To Succeed in 2022? Consultant Nati Figueroa Says It is All About Conscious Leadership

What Does it Take For an Organization To Succeed in 2022? Consultant Nati Figueroa Says It is All About Conscious Leadership

Nati Figueroa Morello is an entrepreneur, who provides consulting and other services to organizations, professionals, and leaders who need to develop their leadership skills and increase the performance of their work teams.

Nati began her professional journey in the corporate world 25 years ago during which time she had the opportunity to work in different industries assuming different responsibilities.

For 10 years I was CEO of a drugstore. At the end of 2017, I resigned as a product of a major crisis that prevented me from continuing.” Nati states.

In 2017, Nati realized that the use of traditional management tools was not enough to meet her goals so she decided to acquire training in neural decoding and enneagram oriented to organizations acquiring skills that allow professionals to analyze and solve organizational problems from a holistic perspective.

Nati is also a Benzinger Licensee, which means she has the capacity to test the thinking styles of teams and, from there, work on increasing their performance. In addition, she is also a +B Consultant, having the SDGs as a paradigm for a more inclusive and egalitarian society, where she accompanies companies in their transformation process towards triple impact organizations.

Through it all, Nati’s motivation was found in the fact that observing the behavior of organizations allowed her to understand that in many cases the problems they face are conjunctural.

Companies often have financial problems. Organizations can’t retain employees. Companies can’t communicate their vision. Teams perform poorly, profits decline. Analyzing each problem individually does not lead to a final solution.” Nati comments.

That is why Nati began to think that it is necessary to go back to the roots and understand that each organization is a complex entity, formed by different personalities. Each person has a different emotion and beliefs from family and society, as well as a belief in the organization in which they must coexist.

Faced with this situation, I realized that to achieve the desired results it is necessary to work with all members of the organization or team to create unity in the work and thus increase productivity.” Nati adds.

Nati also learned that high-performance teams are effective because they work for companies that care about their people by aligning personal goals with organizational goals.

It is the added value that Nati provides through the services she offers that makes her stand out from the rest of her competitors because she takes a holistic look at organizational and professional problems.

It is not possible to achieve the desired results without unblocking those organizational and individual behavioral patterns that generate emotions that prevent them from being reached. For this, it is necessary to know how and who make up the work teams, their thinking styles, and their personalities in order to get the best out of them to be able to unite their actions with those of the organization.” Nati explains.

One of the biggest obstacles that Nati had to face and overcome was her resignation from the drug store she worked in until 2017. She describes it as: 

It was a traumatic exit because I could not reverse a situation of institutional crisis and it cost me my physical and emotional integrity. Today I can say that it was a direct blow to my professional ego.” Nati shares.

That experience led her to undergo a process of introspection and reconversion in many aspects. Through that, Nati was able to understand that success based on what you have is ephemeral and the arrogance of that success produces elements that prevent people from objectively observing the reality of the situation and, above all, from listening to others.

From that place, Nati was able to understand that to manage and be responsible for others and any organization, it is necessary to do it in a conscious way, which implies commitment, empathy, generosity, and integrity.

Most recently, Nati held a business breakfast on May 24 in Miami, Florida to talk about the importance of developing an organization with a 360 perspective. The event was very successful and widely attended.

In the near future, Nati has several projects that she wants to carry out. In the commercial field she wants to expand her business in the Latin American market. In the professional aspect, she wants to share with the corporate world the concept of conscious leadership.

Learn more about Nati and her services here.