Usama Meher Wanted to Help People Break The 9-5 Barrier. He Designed a Business to Help Those Struggling In Financial Debt and Depression.

Usama Meher Wanted to Help People Break The 9-5 Barrier. He Designed a Business to Help Those Struggling In Financial Debt and Depression.

Often referred to as @m1usama this young entrepreneur was born with a desire to help people. Like so many others, he was driven to ensure that he made a change in people’s lives when it came time to start choosing a career path. His parents, however, wanted him to be a doctor or engineer, still someone who can help others, but they were focused mostly on their son having a good life by studying one of these professions.

Usama didn’t see it that way! After graduating from University of Maryland with a Cybersecurity degree, he knew he had to find his true purpose of creating leaders. His ultimate goal was helping others leverage credit and escape the everyday 9-5 trap.

“Growing up as a child of immigrant parents who didn’t have the opportunity to receive a proper education, I’ve always been told “Son, you have the option to be a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer.” As we see, that didn’t age well being a natural born compsci professional. Being raised in a two bedroom apartment with ten people, I had no childhood so I just knew there was much more to life. I wanted to do something where I’d impact others lives drastically, that’s when I found Xoom Credit Repair! I had some friends and relatives who had come into some financial hardships during covid that led them to bad credit with some having thousands of dollars in hospital bills they couldn’t afford,” Usama states.

As is the case with many other credit and financial education experts, Usama saw a need for a better overall understanding of the financial system. As he explains, the amount of people he saw not only without education in financial literacy, but also filing for complex financial situations such as child support, bankruptcy, and much more.

Being born and raised in the US we all know that the school system never taught us how to file taxes, build credit, buy a house, or even form an LLC. Yet more so of what we don’t need and often set up for failure not having the proper knowledge or guidance in adulthood. I’ve encountered people who have experienced divorce, bankruptcy, medical troubles, and unexpected financial bills as regular occurrences in life. The financial pressure, credit damage, and excessive worry that these occurrences cause are even more prevalent. While some people are fortunate enough to have a helping hand to steer them out of their financial difficulties, others were clueless about where to turn for assistance. I have been there before, and I understand that financial stress may be one of the most unpleasant situations a person can go through,” Usama explains.

Despite his best intentions and efforts, however, Usama still had to overcome obstacles when it came to forming his business. The biggest one for him was getting over his fear of failure, which held him back from fully trying to realize his dreams.

“My biggest obstacle ever faced was fear of failure and identifying my absolute passion. I can become immobilized by my fear of failing — it can force me to do nothing and, as a result, to prevent moving forward. However, if I let fear hold me back from moving forward in life, I am more likely to miss out on some wonderful possibilities. It is critical to recognize that there is always a potential that I will fail in whatever I attempt. Taking that opportunity and embracing it is gutsy, but it also results in a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Weakening at something can precede finding my sincerest friends and unearthing unexpected sources of drive to achieve. Often, the most valuable insights are gained simply after a setback. Admitting and understanding from those realizations is essential for attaining victory in life,” Usama remarks.

Usama has some very exciting projects coming up that are taking him in an incredibly new direction. He details them below:

“My next project is a preserved rose brand named after my company, Gulab Traders LLC. It is all the trend right now on social media to have roses preserved and with a good cause. All the roses used in these stunning arrangements are freshly imported real Ecuadorian roses that have gone through a preservation process to ensure they last up to three years while remaining brilliant, soft, and supple just as they were the day they were gathered. They are the ideal present for any occasion. They make lovely centerpieces and decorations to serve as a lasting reminder of the personal gesture that went into making them. Gifting these unique preserved rose bouquets has always set a great first impression as the time, quality, and effort that’s put into making them. ”

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