Unable to Work a Normal Nine to Five Job, Dev’Yone Brice Had to Think Fast. That is When He Discovered His Talent and Created His Own Business. 

Unable to Work a Normal Nine to Five Job, Dev’Yone Brice Had to Think Fast. That is When He Discovered His Talent and Created His Own Business. 

Dev’Yon Brice has gone through terrible trauma to get to where he is today. Having been overweight for most of his life, Dev’Yon decided to finally stick to his weight loss goals and lose weight he had been carrying. He lost over 150 pounds! However, that meant he needed to get surgery to remove excess skin. This is where Dev’Yon’s problems began.

“I researched and found a surgeon that specializes in this and I opted in for plastic surgery. Upon my consultation I was upsold additional things that were said to be needed because of the amount of weight loss and so I agreed.  After completing the surgery, I woke up to find out that the doctor not only did way more than he told me, but things we hadn’t discussed leaving me with permanent scars and a year of complications. This also led to a revision surgery and a second still needed in order for me to get fully back to myself,” Dev’Yon recounts.

Unfortunately, his life changed forever. Because of the amount of pain and recuperation needed to fix his terrible scenario, Dev’Yon could no longer sustain his normal nine to five job. He needed a new game plan in order to sustain himself. Dev’Yon looked for new ways that he could earn money without following a normal routine.

“Unfortunately when I began to have complications from my surgery, it caused me to miss time from my 9-5. I knew that I couldn’t continue to focus on my health and stick to a 9-5 schedule so I immediately began looking for ways to make income that didn’t require much of my time. What can I do? 1. Pays me in my sleep, 2. Let me be able to travel to my doctors without issues, 3. Low on start-up . Those led me to get my first property and then later adding on vehicles,” Dev’Yon states.

Thanks to his ingenuity and his skills, Dev’Yon is now an entrepreneur and a lot more! He is a business coach for startups, ensuring that people have the right tools and structure needed to excel. He also offers both Turo and Airbnb management and coaching. What makes Dev’Yon different from others in his field is that he has had to go through genuine struggle to achieve success and that has helped him learn a lot and overcome many obstacles that were in his path.

“My story is real, my scars are real, what I went through is real. I’m not speaking about anything I don’t know. I’m all in and I don’t see any competition. I can only speak for myself and my story and hope that people will hear and understand the importance of this information,” Dev’Yon explains.

Dev’Yon is continuing on with his goals of teaching others and bettering himself in the businessworld. His goal is to also spread awareness about the plastic surgery industry.

This year I plan to go full force into spreading awareness to men and plastic surgery. I’ve recently been a victim of complications from plastic surgery and I think it’s time this is talked about. It’s an issue that’s happening everyday and many men are silent about the issue for different reasons. I believe shedding light on this topic will open many doors for those conversations to be had in order to assist in putting a stop to these doctors,” Dev’Yon says.

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