Trustworthy, Loyal and Respected- thats Firme Mezcal

Trustworthy, Loyal and Respected- thats Firme Mezcal

“Come take a ride with us on this voyage across borders. From the slopes of the sunny hills of Oaxaca, magueys bathe with the warm rays of the sun”, Firme Mezcal a spirit product sold by an international import company, Baja United Imports, and owned and operated by Ochoa Imports LLC a company owned by Mexican immigrants, Mexican Americans, and/or Latinos from different backgrounds. From Oaxaca Mexico major California cities- it will soon be launched into the national spotlight. 

Firme Mezcal is considered and inspired by the Mexican-American “Chicano” underground culture. The brand looks to inspire young and mature consumers alike by inciting a sense of pride, an allure of rebellion, a sense of nostalgia, raise inquisition, and a feeling of relatability and legitimacy. Furthermore, in “Chicano” subculture, the word firme can be interpreted as loyal, or attributed to righteous person, trustworthy, highly respected, or a bold communicator. It is therefore the reason why the word firme was considered to describe the product: a mezcal that is trustworthy, respected and of the utmost quality.

“Firme Mezcal was born from an idea to become successful and unique. The greatest efforts put forth by the team of people involved in the production and creation should propel it forward to lucrative results and set a legacy of success for decades to come.”

Founder, Alberto, with 25 years in the beverage and restaurant industry, saw the need for a new product in the mezcal variety. In 2002, Alberto founded Revolucion Cantina, a well established restaurant and bar in the heart of Downtown Fullerton, California. The business approach and business model that was Revolucion Cantina was pioneered for setting the standard for most restaurants and entertainment establishments in the local area. Alberto’s business model also made Downtown Fullerton a booming and well-known entertainment destination with concepts that have been replicated and copied. 

With that, Alberto wanted to replicate this trailblazing business model to the spirit production and import industry with Mezcal, where he noticed a high consumption trend with all customers, consumers, and guests in the food, service, and bar industry. The growing demand of this product is apparent and steadily increasing as time goes on. 

Like any other business, Alberto’s biggest challenge was the “unknown.” Alberto can prepare, assemble a great team of experts, market research, set a financial plan and budget, however some things are out of his control. Due to Firme Mezcal being a fairly new product there was a need to market it as a game changer in the world of Mezcal spirits. Nevertheless, with the right mindset, it was able to adapt to the ever changing consumer trends and environment.

Even now, Firme Mezcal continues to evolve in order to be unique, different, and trend setting. Their research indicates that other spirit brands cater and target predictable consumers. Meanwhile, Firme Mezcal is bold, original, and irreverent. The unique aspect of the brand provides the much needed shock factor that most definitely will be setting forth in leaving behind a legacy of solidarity with new and loyal consumers. 

Currently, Firme Mezcal is expanding their line of products available such as flavored varieties, holiday products, limited editions, collectible items, merchandising, tasting events and/or exclusive parties.

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